Cultural Diversity Immersion Workshop Series

Spring 2021 Workshop Dates in the Identity Awareness Badge:

Registration for all Identity Awareness Badge workshops:

Workshop Choice A: Personal Identity - Wednesday, February 3 from 2:30-4pm PST via Zoom

Description: Who are you? Learn about and explore the different facets of your identity and how they intersect and interact with each other. In this workshop, participants will learn about the major 8 social group identities and will examine their salient and dominant identities through activities and community dialogue. Participants who complete this session will begin to cultivate a baseline understanding of intersectionality and how it contributes to how we engage with others.

Workshop Choice B: Cultural Awareness - Wednesday, February 10 from 2:30-4pm PST via Zoom 

Description: Engage in difference. Deconstruct your worldview and learn to understand others’ perspectives by building awareness of how we are shaped by our social and cultural influences. In this workshop, participants will explore their experiences with cross-cultural communication and develop their ability to attentively listen and effectively communicate with people of different social and cultural backgrounds.

Workshop Choice C: Social Justice Concepts - Wednesday, February 17 from 2:30-4pm PST via Zoom

Description: The Social Justice Concepts workshop will cover terminology that is used frequently in social justice-based spaces. Workshop participants will explore personal definitions of social justice, expand their understanding of equity, and examine the concepts of “Breadth of Awareness” and “Cycle of Socialization.”

Fall 2020 Workshop Dates in the Interpersonal Engagement Badge:

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Workshop Choice D: Understanding Privilege - Friday, October 2nd from 1-2:30pm PDT via Zoom
Description: What privileges do we hold? And how do we use that privilege for good? Join in this workshop where we will explore our own privileges and how we can encourage the use of privileges in the ways that they benefit others.

Workshop Choice E: Debate versus Dialogue - Friday, October 9th from 1-2:30pm PDT via Zoom

Description: What motivates to choose to debate someone or engage in intentional dialogue? Join in this session where we will explore our own personal experiences and how we choose to respond during difficult situations.

Workshop Choice F: Inclusive Language - Friday, October 16th from 1-2:30pm PDT via Zoom

Description: Bring people together with inclusive language. Come explore the importance of inclusive language and discuss how we can be more thoughtful about our everyday language to include everyone.