Cultural Diversity Immersion Workshop Series (CDI)

Cultural Diversion Immersion

Do you want to learn more about race and racial identity? Together, let’s explore and go deeper on how race and other social identities factor into how each of us exist in every space we learn and build community in, especially at USF. The Cultural Diversity Immersion series offers a series of workshops where you can participate with other USF students like you, who are interested in learning more about and reflecting on race, and being in dialogue with each other about all the social identities that make up every person. Through participating in these workshops, you will be able to build yourself up as a leader and change-maker for racial and social justice on campus and beyond.


Spring 2022 Workshop Session Schedule Coming Soon!



Badge 1: Identity Awareness 

The Identity Awareness Badge provides a foundation for discussing social identities, cultural differences, and concepts central to social justice work. The Identity Awareness Badge is earned by completing all three workshops in the Identity Awareness segment. Each workshop session for this badge is 90 minutes.

Who are you? Where are you from? Let’s make space to think through these questions together. In this workshop we will discuss our identities in relationship to race, gender, sexuality, and other social group identities. Learn the importance of personal identity reflection and how that impacts the ways we engage with others.

How do people understand you? What do people not get about you? So much of who we are is hard to understand by those who don’t share our identities. This workshop will build your awareness of how we are shaped by our racial, cultural, and social influences. Expand your worldview, and learn to understand others’ perspectives through discussion and a hands-on creative activity.

How do we learn, what are we taught, and how do we unintentionally reinforce racialized systems? This interactive workshop will have participants build their own definitions of social justice and expand their understanding of equality, equity, liberation, and inclusion. Gain the ability to define and explain key social justice terminology and concepts with a racial justice lens, and how they apply to other social identities.

Badge 2: Interpersonal Engagement

The Interpersonal Engagement Badge focuses on identities, power dynamics, and communication styles. The Interpersonal Engagement Badge is earned by completing 2 of the 3 workshops in the Interpersonal Engagement segment. Each workshop session for this badge is 90 minutes.

Have you examined how your privileges can impact others? And is the system set up for you to not recognize that? We will discuss white privilege and anti-blackness through the lens of intersectionality, and how we can use our privileged identities in allyship. The workshop will use creative activities as a framework to discuss how privilege exists within individuals and groups, and how systems perpetuate privilege in the United States.

Have conversations about racial justice left you feeling frustrated or angry? How can we find more ways to be in dialogue with people who share different perspectives and identities? The workshop will explore a racially-just approach to communication. Learn how to identify and navigate your emotions and how to negotiate the impact of being socialized within a culture of white supremacy.

Do you notice when your words or behavior exclude people? What does it mean to have an inclusive mindset around race and other social groups? Language is a powerful tool that can include and exclude. As language changes, it is important that we grow with it. Learn to question your language choices through brainstorming, sharing knowledge, and dialogue.

Badge 3: Solidarity Building

The Solidarity Building Badge focuses on dialogue as a method for critically examining socialization, equity, and justice. The workshops in Badge 3 are intentionally designed as 2-hour sessions to increase time for group dialogue. This Solidarity Building Badge is earned by completing 2 of the 3 workshops in the Solidarity Building segment. Each workshop session for this badge is 2 hours.

What is a trigger? Triggers are external stimuli that cause an intense emotional or physical reaction. People and/or events can trigger you to respond in ways you might be unprepared for, and even surprise you. Reflecting when these moments come up is a skill that can help you remain aligned with your values. Learn to navigate intense conversations and recognize what emotions and physical reactions arise for you through self-assessment activities and dialogue.

What has influenced your understanding of race? Who were the first people who helped you make meaning of your experiences? This workshop will help participants apply the cycle of socialization and better understand their racialized experiences. Learn to interrupt and challenge the negative ways you have been taught to interact around race and how to use your power and/or privileges to make positive change.

How do we show up in solidarity across communities? How can we continue to grow as an ally/accomplice for and with others? This workshop will break down everyday white supremacy culture using frameworks and dialogue that offer interventions rooted in racial justice. Jumpstart your own intentional practice of solidarity that considers the systemic depth of equity and justice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I access the CDI workshop materials on canvas?
    • Each student who registers for one of the CDI workshop sessions will receive an invitation to a Canvas course where they will be able to access the powerpoint materials a few days before the workshop takes place.
  • How do I use my digital badge?
    • Sharing badges can help people connect their learning with real-world benefits; such as add new skills to a resume or vitae, unlocking new employment or educational opportunities, and recognizing that learning is a lifelong journey.

  • Who is allowed to register and participate in CDI workshops?
    • Undergraduates and graduate students currently enrolled at the University of San Francisco are invited to register for any of the CDI Workshop sessions. Slots are limited so please register before the deadline.  

Prior Workshop Session Offerings

TIME Workshop Session  Location
Sept 16, 3:30-5pm Personal Identity  Zoom
 Sept 17, 3:30-5pm Cultural Awareness  Zoom
Sept 18, 11am-12:30pm Social Justice Concepts  Zoom
 Sept 30, 3:30-5pm Understanding Privilege Zoom
Oct 1, 3:30-5pm Dialogue for Change Zoom
 Oct 2, 11am-12:30pm Questioning and Unlearning Language Zoom
Oct 14, 3:30-5:30pm Navigating Personal Triggers Zoom
Oct 15, 3:30-5:30pm Interrupting the Cycle of Socialization Zoom
Oct 16, 11am-1pm Becoming an Ally/Accomplice Zoom