Testing Requirements Overview

In addition to required coursework and fieldwork responsibilities, all students in California teaching credential programs must meet a number of additional requirements specified by the CTC. Below is a current testing requirement checklist with applicable due dates. Several of these items are considered prerequisites for enrolling in Student Teaching, and students will be unable to continue with their program if suitable documentation is not provided by the appropriate due dates. 

Please note that the CTC reserves the right to alter or add to these requirements in response to state and federal legislative directives. For more information, please visit the CTC website.

Basic Skills Requirement

California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA)

FSI *For Bilingual Authorization Students Only

Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA) *For Multiple Subject Students Only*

Subject Matter Competency Requirement



Requirement PASSAGE Due Date
Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) Before entering STI/III
Subject Matter Competency Requirement (SMR) Before enetering STII/II
Teaching Performance Assessment Cycle 1

Attempted during STI**

Passed before Preliminary Credential

Teaching Performance Assessment Cycle 2

Attempted during STII/III***

Passed before Preliminary Credential

Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA)  End of third semester
Bilingual Authorization Language Exam (with FSI score)  

* Students must have either satisfied the BSR requirement or have attempted the CBEST before beginning courses in their credential program. 

** Students must attempt TPA Cycle I before entering Student Teaching  II/III. Students who do not attempt TPA Cycle I will be ineligible to enroll in Student Teaching II/III. 

*** Students must attempt TPA Cycle II before receiving a grade in Student Teaching  II/III.