Student Teaching

The California Commission on Teaching Credentialing describes Student Teaching or Fieldwork as: 

Student participation in program activity which takes place in a K-12 setting, but during which the candidate does not assume responsibility for daily student teaching. These are experiences in a professional preparation program that expose credential candidates to a variety of instructional activities. These might include classrooms, resource rooms, and other settings where instructional activities occur. Candidates may participate in fieldwork before they have passed the basic skills test and have fulfilled the subject matter requirement. 

For additional information, please see the follow CTC Glossary entry.  


Candidates will complete more than 600 hours of clinical practice/ student teaching during their time in the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential Program. This gives candidates extended opportunities to learn from experienced teacher mentors (“Cooperating Teachers”) and to practice their growing skills as professional educators. In each placement, student teachers will receive ongoing feedback from supervisors and course instructors. Student teachers will receive formal evaluations feedback a minimum of six times in each placement, through a combination of in-person visits and course-based video feedback. Feedback will be structured around each candidate’s demonstration of the TPEs. 


Candidates who are working in private schools and seeking a credential are required to complete a substantive clinical experience of at least 150 hours in a public school setting where the curriculum aligns with California’s adopted content standards and frameworks and the school reflects the diversity of California’s student population. To accommodate this, TED hosts a Summer Student Teaching I course for students who are full-time private or Catholic school teachers. While we intend to run a Summer Student Teaching session every summer, it is largely dependent on the needs of public schools in the area during the Summer and if there is a program available to accommodate the Teacher Ed Department.  



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  • Student Teaching II and III

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