Academic Career Prospectus

Every academic year, faculty meet individually with the Dean to discuss their Academic Career Prospectus (ACP).

The ACP provides an opportunity for faculty to review contributions in the areas of:

  • teaching and related course development
  • research activities
  • University, professional, community, and service activities

It is also the opportunity to collaboratively develop an academic agenda for the upcoming year.

Submitting your ACP

To facilitate this process, faculty are asked to develop a narrative that should include their accomplishments during the past academic year, their goals for the next academic year and specific support needed (e.g., request for course teaching credit), and an overview of their longer-term plans (3-5 years). The Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes October 1st as the due date for the submission of the ACP to the Dean’s Office. At that time, faculty should also schedule an individual appointment with the Dean in order to discuss their ACP.

ACP Guidelines

For further information, please refer to the Academic Career Prospectus Guidelines. To get a copy of these guidelines and to schedule your ACP appointment, contact Lenna Onishi,


Faculty who plan to take a sabbatical leave need to check with the Dean to find out when their next ACP would be due.