Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association, or GSA for short, is a student body that represents and serves all credential, master’s and doctoral level students currently enrolled in the School of Education.

Our goal is to create a sense of community in the School of Education. During the Semester we host a variety of events, from workshops to community service, and always include food.


Our Main Objectives

  • Continued dialogue with the faculty and administration in developing a positive and supportive environment for students
  • Academic achievement and scholarship
  • Mutual respect, support, encouragement and collegiality between students and faculty members
  • Developing trust, acceptance and understanding of persons from socio-economically diverse backgrounds
  • Encouraging individuality and the pursuit of your dreams and passions
  • Networking and collaboration with other USF organizations
  • Exploring new curriculum and academic ideas that enhance the teaching/learning environment

School of Education Business Cards

School of Education graduate students may order business cards with the USF logo through the Graduate Student Association. Pricing, a sample image, and other details are on the business card order form.