About the School

About the School of Education

At the School of Education, our faculty, staff, and students are scholars and social justice advocates engaged within the diverse San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. With over 20 master's and doctoral programs, including programs at the University of San Francisco's additional locations, we welcome students who seek to make an impact and who are committed to serving those most in need.

The School presently enrolls approximately 1,100 students enrolled in five departments:

  • Counseling Psychology (CPY)
  • Leadership Studies (DLS)
  • International and Multicultural Education (IME)
  • Learning and Instruction (L&I)
  • Teacher Education (TED)

Our Mission

The school’s mission is to act collectively and leverage our resources in ways that are driven by our Jesuit mission and responsive to our constituents’ needs. We strive to have a measurable impact in schools and communities, particularly for those most affected by injustice.

Our History

The University of San Francisco was established in 1855 by the Jesuit Fathers as San Francisco's first institution of higher learning. The university has grown from a one-room schoolhouse to become San Francisco's largest independent university. Founded in 1947, the University of San Francisco School of Education has driven new ways of thinking about Education since its inception. Today, the University of San Francisco School of Education is an urban destination that draws inspired scholars and social justice advocates to our credential, master's and doctoral programs.

The SOE Advantage

If you are thinking of developing or advancing your skills in the fields of education, counseling psychology, leadership, research or advocacy, the University of San Francisco School of Education has these distinctive assets to offer:

  • Quality: Academic rigor and excellence have been USF’s trademarks since 1855.
  • Commitment to diversity and social justice: Our classes combine extensive exploration of theoretical knowledge in a diverse classroom setting with purposeful action, including outreach activities.
  • Supportive and personalized environment: With small classes, dedicated faculty who are available to students, caring staff, and numerous USF services, we are committed to student success.
  • Incomparable setting: Our diverse San Francisco Bay Area community, where cultural and artistic events abound, is sure to stimulate your own creativity and desire to learn.

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Centers and Institutes

  • Center for Humanizing Education and Research
  • McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education (MIJCE)
  • USF Center for Family and Child Development

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The School of Education (SOE) Hilltop campus and main administrative offices are located at:
2350 Turk Boulevard in San Francisco
Tel.: (415) 422-6525
Fax: (415) 422-2677

The official mailing address:
University of San Francisco
School of Education
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1071

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Additional Campuses and Locations

The School hosts four additional campuses:

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Contact Information

Visit our Contact US page for a full list of chairs, PAs, Fieldwork Coordinators, and contacts for additional campuses and locations.