Q. Do I have to get my food/beverage from Bon Appetit Catering?

Yes, you do. The university has an exclusive contract with Bon Appetit Catering to be the sole caterer on campus. If there are extenuating circumstances that require an alternative to Bon Appetit Catering — such as religious or cultural reasons — please contact EM&GS for approval and exceptions. For periodic club meetings that are closed to the public — and with your Event Manager's approval — you may bring baked goods, popcorn, soda, and ice cream. At no time can you bring any other food/beverage from a grocery store, restaurant or other food provider. Potlucks or bringing other home-cooked food is also not allowed.

Q. How do I go about looking at menu options?

Contact your Event Manager, who can pass along menus to you. Your Event Manager can also suggest more popular items, recently added items to the menu, and can suggest alternates.

Q. If I plan to sell baked goods or beverages as a fundraiser, how do I get approval?

University policy allows for food/beverage Fundraisers on campus at various times throughout the day. Food/beverage Fundraisers are limited in the University Center and Gleeson Plaza to no more than two per day (one on UC 1st floor, one in Gleeson Plaza).  Please reserve your location with an event title that indicates the nature of your fundraiser (i.e. "NSA Boba Fundraiser" or "Tri-Beta Bake Sale").

Once you receive a space confirmation, you must submit the Fundraising Proposal Form online. Please allow for at least one week to process this form. Generally, the only permitted items you can sell are home baked goods, beverages, and/or ice cream (floats, sundaes, etc.).

Online payment is not an accepted form of payment. DO NOT use Venmo or PayPal. You may only collect cash or checks and obtain a cash box from SLE.

Q. Can we have food trucks at our event?

No; The university has an exclusive contract with Bon Appetite Catering to be the sole carter on campus.

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