Summer School Housing

Please read all the information below concerning summer housing before applying for summer school housing. Please also read the Summer 2022 Housing Contract in full before applying for summer school housing. 

Please note: This is a legally binding document.

Summer housing eligibility

Students are required to be enrolled in summer courses to live on campus.  Please note: those not enrolled in classes cannot access financial aid for the summer period. 

If you have any extenuating circumstances, please contact us directly.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I stay in summer school housing if I am not a USF student? No
Can I stay in summer school housing if I am a student at USF but not taking any summer classes? No, but if you have any extenuating circumstances, please contact us directly.

When is summer housing available?

On campus summer housing is available from May 22, 2022 at 5 p.m. until August 13, 2022 at 12 p.m. Summer housing assignments will be released to students on May 14, 2022. Housing will be exclusively located in one of our designated co-ed residence halls. View the summer housing session move in and move out dates here. 

Where is summer housing on campus?

Summer school housing for undergraduate students will be in Lone Mountain North (LMN) Residence Hall for Summer 2022.  Students of all classifications and programs will be housed in this traditional style co-ed residence hall.

Current spring residents can apply to continue to live in the same LMN room for the summer and any off-campus students that apply and meet the criteria.

Those who are approved to live in LMN are required to have a meal plan for $24/day. 

Graduate and Law students interested in Summer housing will be in St. Anne's Community. No meal plan will be required. 

Please note the above halls are subject to change.

How much does summer housing cost? 

For Summer 2022 USF charges room and board on a daily pro rate in the summer. Students are charged based on the days they are booked and approved to live on campus. 

Summer 2022 Rates: 

Double room: $40/day

Single room: $56/day

Meal Plan: $24/day

Do I have to have a meal plan? (The answer is yes!)

You will be required to pay for both a room and a meal plan during summer housing. Meal plans may be reduced for students with medical conditions approved by Student Disability Services. Dietary restrictions are processed through our Campus Dining Managers at mealplan@usfca.eduStudent Housing does not approve or deny meal plan appeals.

How do I apply for summer housing?

The application for summer 2022 housing will open beginning April 18th.   Apply for summer housing Here!

When you fill out a housing application you also sign a contract! Read those terms! If you have additional questions feel free to email

What if I want to CANCEL my summer application?

There are no cancellation fees for summer housing. Simply cancel your online housing application to complete this process. You will be required to vacate your room within 3 days of cancellation. 

You will also be required to vacate your room within 3 days if you are no longer enrolled in summer courses.