Campus Community Coalition

The mission of the Campus-Community Coalition (CCC) is to promote and facilitate direct communication amongst the USF community (students, staff, faculty, alumni) and community organizations to enhance shared responsibility by developing educational programs based on the harm reduction model to address alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault and misconduct at USF.

The goals of the Campus Community Coalition (CCC):

  • Promote cooperation between campus and community stakeholders in order to change the environment that affects our students’ decisions about the use of alcohol other drugs, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
  • Communicate shared messages about University and community expectations of, and standards for alcohol and drug use and misuse by USF students
  • Evaluate, publicize and enforce campus and federal laws and regulations.
  • Increase publicity of alcohol and other drugs-related laws, ordinances, and policies to first-year residential and commuter students.
  • Recommend policy initiatives to limit the amount of public alcohol advertising targeted towards young adults, college students, and young adult members of populations of color attending USF, such as Asian, Black and Latina females.
  • Decrease access to alcohol and other drugs by first-year students under the age of 21, intoxicated students and students using fake identification.
  • Require and support responsible beverage service policies, practices and training for servers at all USF events serving alcohol.
  • Increase alcohol-free social activities.

The Community Campus Coalition membership is open to staff, faculty, and students. The current members represent the following offices.

  • Athletics 
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Health Promotion Services
  • Health Outreach Peer Educators
  • International Students and Scholars Services
  • Office of Student Conduct Rights and Responsibilities
  • Public Safety
  • Reserve Officers' Training Corps
  • Student Disability Services
  • Student Housing and Residential Education

The Campus Community Coalition (CCC) meets twice a semester. If you are interested in joining the Campus Community Coalition, please contact Kamal Harb,

Health Promotion Services

2130 Fulton Street
University Center, Fifth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94117

Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Tel: (415) 422-5797
Fax: (888) 471-2290

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