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In order to maintain a socially responsible learning community, USF requires all students to take the Think About It course(s), a science-based online course that prepares students for the unique challenges of college life.

These students will receive an invite at the beginning of every semester from Campus Clarity via email when their course becomes available. If students do not receive an email, they can contact the administrators at Students who fail to complete the course by their deadlines will be charged a $100 late fine.

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Fall and Spring Deadlines:

Depending on when you started attending USF, the Think About It course(s) and subsequent assigned parts are as follows:

  • Fall semester: Aug 15 at 5pm
  • Spring semester: Jan 15 at 5 p.m
  • Undergraduate students must complete a three part course. Each part will be assigned every consecutive semester until finished. Only students who take Part I will be invited to take Part II, and those who take Part II will be able to take Part III.

    Graduate, branch campus, online and visiting students will only need to complete one part that is specificially designed for their demographic and experiences.

    Students who want to complete the course after their deadline in order to remove fines charged can contact the administrators at

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    New students will be invited to take Think About It after they have registered for classes. No special access code is required. Please login with your Dons email address as

    Students who completed Part I or II, and need to take Part II or III should have received an invitation to take the course. Please check your Dons email inbox.

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    Think About It Policy

    Technical Support

    • For technical support: contact CampusClarity at (800) 652-9546

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