Clean Air Marshals

Clean Air Marshals are peer-educating interns responsible for spearheading efforts to remind the USF community about the BreatheEasyUSF smoke and tobacco-free policy. Learn more about what they do for USF, or continue reading to learn more about them as individuals.

Ambika Aggarwal
Hi! I’m a graduate student and currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health at USF. I did my undergraduate studies in Dentistry and have a great passion for oral health and smoking cessation. During my free time, I love to read books, work out and listen to music. You can find me on-campus or at the USF presidio campus.

Andrew Quakenbush
Shout out to all the other advertising majors! I also swim and play water polo when I have the chance, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done either. I enjoy reading and playing video games too, but now I mostly just watch movies and youtube.

Kai Hennings
I’m a psychology major and health studies minor with a passion for art and video games! I play tennis, swim, edit independent novels, am the president of USF’s French club, and live in Toler Hall.

Stephanie Avelino
Hello! This is my first year at the University of San Francisco and I am currently studying International Studies with a focus on law & politics with a minor in Asian Studies. During my free time I love to go out on adventures around the city and try new food. You can find me in Hayes-Healy or just around campus!