Peer Educator Program

Peer Educators are students who work under the supervision of the Associate Director of Health Promotion Services in a paid one year internship.


  • Conducting campus rounds (70%) to inform individuals who are using tobacco on campus of the University‚Äôs smoke/tobacco-free policy.
  • Maintain and enforce (educate) policy to all students, faculty, staff and wider-USF community.
  • Spearhead and coordinate a minimum of two outreach events.
  • Plan and lead monthly cigarette butt clean ups with other campus departments and student organizations.
  • Host workshops for the USF campus about smoking and tobacco trends and the policy.
  • Co-coordinate a campaign to recruit and train volunteers to participate in campus outreach.
  • Assist with maintaining social media outlets and email for BreatheEasyUSF.
  • Present policy rationale and data collection findings to campus administrators and community members.
  • Participate in data collection activities.
  • Regular communication with supervisor and other ambassadors, volunteers and peer educators.
  • Documenting and reporting activities to supervisor.
  • Attending all program meetings and training sessions.
  • And other relevant duties as assigned by the HPS Senior Director, Associate Director and Manager.


  • Excellent time management, and organizational skills.
  • Passionate about the Smoke and Tobacco-Free policy.
  • Able to communicate (both oral and written) effectively, firm, but compassionate, friendly, trustworthy, able to multitask, works well with others, pays attention to detail and takes initiative.
  • Excellent computer skills: (i.e. word processing, spreadsheets, emails, G Suite, etc.).
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Willingness to learn new skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as a valued team member.
  • Customer-service experience.


  • Will be nationally certified as a peer educator by the BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network.
  • CYAN COUGH certification for students.
  • Gain excellent leadership and communication skills.
  • Be up to date on health promotion, health education, program planning, and outreach.
  • Gain a practical work experience in public health and working towards solutions to complex campus concerns.
  • Contribute to a positive campus climate.
  • Receive letters of recommendation¬†based on their performance and commitment.
  • Other fringe benefits.