Guidelines for Temporary Movement of Work Accessories During COVID-19

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This provides general guidelines to assist employees in determining the temporary movement of USF-issued work accessories for employees who are working remotely during COVID-19.

Additional tips on setting up your ergonomically friendly workspace can be found on the ergonomics education page

Policy Statement

Employees are solely responsible for the configuration of and all the expenses and services associated with their workspace. This includes ensuring and maintaining an ergonomically appropriate and safe remote worksite. Due to the temporary, but continued need for remote work, the University will allow, with manager approval, for temporary movement of USF issued office work accessories for employees who are working remotely during COVID-19.

Reason for Policy

The intent of this policy is to provide procedural guidance to both employees and their managers regarding the temporary movement of University equipment and accessories.

Who Should Read This Policy

The President, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Managers and Business Managers who supervise employees who telecommute or work remotely, and employees who request a voluntary telecommuting or remote work arrangement.

Policy Text

In support of equipment needs for employees, managers shall have the authority to grant approval to telecommuting and remote workers to temporarily remove USF issued resources. Managers will provide their employees with a confirmation email granting this permission and list the specific equipment that can be taken before the employee takes it. Managers are responsible for tracking those items that have been temporarily removed from offices as well as for ensuring the items are returned.

In addition to the University equipment, common materials and supplies should not be removed from common areas, kitchen/break room and supply cabinets without prior approval.

The following Equipment and Accessories Can Be Removed from Office:

  • Headphones
  • Mats (sometimes referred to as fatigue mats)
  • Office chairs should be left in the office. However, managers may approve office chairs that have been ergonomically fitted to the individual requestor to be temporarily taken home.
  • Additional ergonomic equipment including monitors, stands and foot stools.
  • Other equipment as required as an accommodation for a disability.

When USF's equipment is used at alternate work locations, telecommuters or remote workers must exercise reasonable care for the equipment and should take appropriate action to protect the items from damage or theft. After receiving your manager's approval, please contact the ITS Helpdesk to request the temporary movement of computer equipment. Employees using USF equipment remotely shall follow all ITS procedures as set for in USF's Information Security Policy. Telecommuters or remote workers may be held liable for damage caused by negligence. USF equipment should be used for business purposes only.

Retrieval of Equipment

Employees coming to campus to retrieve items must pass the Dons Health Check and once on campus adhere to USF's social distancing protocol and wear a face covering at all times. Employees are responsible for the transport and removal of their approved office equipment and/or accessories. Managers should relay this directive to staff when approving trips to return to the office.

Return of Equipment/Accessories

Employees who are no longer working remotely must return all University equipment/accessories on their first day back on campus.

Upon termination of employment, employees must return all University equipment to their department on or before their last day of employment.