Ergonomics Education

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people, their work, and their physical work environment. The purpose of USF's Ergonomics Program is to promote employee health by limiting ergonomic risk factors. Together with our ergonomic partners, Lacuna Ergonomic and Travelers, we provide best practices for workplace ergonomics.

All employees are encouraged to conduct an ergonomic self-assessment to ensure their workstation is properly adjusted. Also, check out the resources below for additional information on maintaining a healthy workspace.

For any Ergonomic-related questions or concerns, contact us at

cat stretching

Follow the tips below to ensure you keep your body moving every day!

person working on computer

Reduce strain from the neck and shoulders


Follow these tips to remain pain free while working

dog in chair

Steps to setting up your office chair


phone and computer

Habits to keep your neck and hands relaxed and comfortable

If you are experiencing pain that you believe is work-related, please email or call (415) 422-4801 to submit a workers' compensation claim.