Ergonomic Equipment

Purchasing and Ancillary Services (PaAS) works closely with Human Resources to procure quality office furniture and peripherals for full-time employees or employees who are experiencing pain or discomfort. Human Resources also coordinates a comprehensive ergonomics assessment prior to any ergonomic-related products purchases and supplements a portion of the order ($200 per employee) with the rest being covered by the employee's department at the department's discretion.  For more information, visit Human Resources' Ergonomics Education webpage.

How to Submit Ergo Orders:

Upon completion of the ergonomic assessment (request for assessment is found  here ), you will receive an ergonomic evaluation report that includes a summary of findings and recommended products to order if necessary. This will be the primary back up documentation.

To submit an ergo order, log in to Hilltop Shop, and select the “ergonomic request” form, under Purchasing Services. Fill out the “For Department Use” portion of the form.


This portion will require:


-A department FOAP to which the order may be charged.

-The ergonomic evaluation letter with items suggested by Syntropy, uploaded as an attachment.

-Select items or state which items are desired by the end-user in the “recommended items” and “Additional or Special Instructions” sections.


When done, select the “submit” button on the “Review and Submit” portion of the form. The form will be entered into approval workflow. Since ergo orders typically include $200 ergo allowance per employee member (unless the employee has previously used this allowance in the past 5 years), Human Resources will review this request, then send it to Purchasing for procurement. Purchasing will then create a Requisition, which will be sent for the department budget manager to approve. All requests regarding status of ergonomic purchases should be directed to budget managers and/or Purchasing.


*Please note: Furniture items (i.e. chairs and/or desks) take between 4-6 weeks for arrival from the purchase date.