Central Receiving

Central Receiving is the official central point of delivery for all parcels and freight for USF’s academic and administrative offices.

The central receiving department receives all merchandise and packages addressed to either:

  •  2299 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco CA 94118-4300 (Loading dock for all shipments and large parcels.)
  •  2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco CA 94117-1080

Deliveries are made by small parcel carriers (such as UPS, FedEx Ground, etc.), freight trucks, and preferred vendors. All packages sent to USF may be opened to verify accuracy, to inspect quality and to ensure all set policies and procedures are met. Although space is very limited, Central Receiving strives to help departments with short term storage needs as space allows.

Central Receiving - Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 4:30PM

Hayes Healy Lower Level

2299 Golden Gate Ave

San Francisco 

CA, 94118

Phone: 1.415.422.6696
Email: receiving@usfca.edu

UPS and FedEx Shipments

Central Receiving is the main delivery point for all UPS Next Day, 2nd Day and 3rd Day packages as well as UPS and FedEx Ground. Central Receiving, in partnership with USF Mail Services, strives to process and deliver all received UPS Next Day, 2nd Day and 3rd Day packages the day they are received. For UPS and FedEx, please allow up to 72 hours for delivery. Please note that shipments associated with a University Purchase Order will be given priority. All departmental delivery time estimates are dependent on Mail Services student staff availability and are subject to change.

Tracking a Package

If you are looking for a package please, contact us at receiving@usfca.edu or 1.415.422.6696 with the following information:

  1. Tracking Number
  2. Carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx etc.)
  3. Name of shipper/vendor
  4. Name it is addressed to

Freight Deliveries

Space for freight, or large pallet deliveries, is limited.  Central Receiving will not accept freight deliveries if product cannot be securely stored. In order to ensure your delivery is accepted, please notify PAAS in advance of delivery for all large freight deliveries. Delivery attempts made with no prior notification, which cannot be securely stored, will be refused. Please note that special accommodations will be made for orders associated with a University Purchase Order regardless of prior notification.


PAAS will assist in the return of all items associated with a University Purchase Order.  For returns, which are not associated with a University Purchase Order or procured through a p-Card or Concur transaction, it is the department’s responsibility to consult with the seller.  If a pick-up “Call Tag" is issued, please ensure the item is:


  1. packaged and addressed properly;
  2. brought to Central Receiving as UPS and FedEx will not pick up from your location.  UPS and Fed-Ex will make 3 attempts to pick up the return package from Central Receiving before cancelling the "Call-Tag" services.

Personal Packages

Use of the 2130 Fulton St is limited to University Business only (I.E. procured with University PO, P-card or direct pay). University resources are not to be used at any time to accept, handle or deliver personal packages and USF will not accept liability or assume financial responsibility for lost/damaged personal packages.

Please refer to the USF Staff Handbook available at the HR website. It cites it is an administrator’s responsibility to “work to understand, interpret and apply University policies, programs and procedures accurately and constructively and in an ethical manner” and “disciplinary action may be taken for the inappropriate use of University assets and resources.” Mailbox services such as the UPS Store, FedEx and USPS are available as most companies and organizations do not allow or accept personal packages for employees.

All residence hall mail and packages should be addressed to the specific hall address. 3rd party carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx etc deliver residence hall mail and packages directly to the individual halls.

All packages received by the University are subject to opening, inspection and inquiry of their nature (personal or business related) by University staff.

FAQ's on Personal Packages

Question 1: I am a staff member who lives on campus. Can I use the 2130 Fulton St. address for personal packages?

All campus resident staff and students must use their specific residence hall address in order to receive personal packages. If privacy is a concern, it is strongly suggested that you utilize a mailbox services such as UPS Store, USPS etc.

Question 2: I am having something shipped that I plan on using at work but was not purchased with University funds. Can I use the 2130 Fulton St. address?

Unfortunately, the University does not have the resources to accommodate any packages that were not purchased with University funds. In addition, the University will not accept liability or assume financial responsibility for lost/damaged personal packages. Alternative arrangements must be made such as mailbox services or having the package sent to your personal residence.