Vehicles: Buying and Disposal

University Owned Vehicles

University Leadership has tasked Purchasing & Ancillary Services (PaAS) with the responsibility of working with departments to purchase, reassign or dispose of University-owned vehicles.


How To Purchase a University-Owned Vehicle

To initiate a request to purchase a vehicle, please send an email to Please make sure to complete the following before sending your request:

  1. Obtain leadership approval
  2. Create online car build from manufacturer’s website so vehicle specifications are covered 
  3. Please provide three color preferences in the case that the preferred color/s are not available
  4. Per Risk Management, the University prohibits the usage of 15-passenger vans. Authorized faculty, staff or volunteer drivers may transport up to 12 people, including the driver. For more information about authorized drivers & the authorization process, please visit the Risk Management Information Page.
  5. FOAP (Please make sure the appropriate funds are reflected in your account)

PaAS’ Responsibility

PaAS will contact our vendor sources for bids and recommend a vehicle which fits the department’s needs. Once a bid or quote is selected by the department, PaAS will onboard the vendor and submit a requisition into Hilltop Shop to purchase the vehicle. Departmental approvals will be obtained through Hilltop Shop per the FOAP submitted with the requisition. PaAS will also arrange payment by notifying Accounts Payable. 

Delivery of the vehicle is set up by PaAS in coordination with the department. When the vehicle is delivered, PaAS does a walk through and signs the paperwork. PaAS then contacts the department to hand over the vehicle.

Department’s Responsibility

  1. Post vehicle delivery, the department is responsible for the following:
  2. Notifying Public Safety of new vehicle
  3. Notifying Risk Management for awareness & to obtain vehicle tracker
  4. Providing the original pink slip to Risk Management for safe storage & obtaining copy for records. The pink slip will be mailed to the department listed on the registration address. The vehicle will be registered with the DMV under the University of San Francisco at 2130 Fulton St. with a second line of registration being the department’s name.
  5. The purchase & application of any vehicle logos
  6. Maintaining a valid insurance card in the vehicle at all times. To learn more about obtaining vehicle insurance, please visit the Risk Management Information Page.
  7. Vehicle maintenance 
  8. All drivers must be authorized and are required to take safety training. Please visit                       Risk Management’s Driver Authorization Process Page for more.

How To Dispose of a University-Owned Vehicle

To eliminate a possible conflict of interest, University-owned vehicles cannot be sold to students, faculty, or staff.     

Department’s Responsibility

If a department would like to dispose of a vehicle, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Remove all belongings including garbage & debris from the vehicle.
  2. Indicate the condition of the vehicle (i.e., Does it start? Is it drivable? List all known issues why it is no longer being used, etc.)  
  3. Provide current odometer reading
  4. Send all keys, tracker, FOBs, vehicle title (pink slip) and latest vehicle registration to PaAS.  If the title is missing, you can request a replacement title with the DMV here.
  5. Provide FOAP to cover any related expenses (i.e., towing, debadging, DMV, etc.).  If the vehicle sells at an auction, we will deposit any remaining funds after expenses to the FOAP provided.  
  6. Provide location of vehicle

PaAS’ Responsibility

If a department would like to dispose of a vehicle, the following steps should be followed: Once all items & information is provided, PaAS will arrange for the disposal of the vehicle. PaAS will notify Risk Management to remove the vehicle from the University Insurance Policy when it is safe to do so.