2021 Go Move Challenge: Week Two Recap

beautiful view
Leslie Timoney's (Fordham), view of Westpoint Military Academy on her train ride commute to work. She walks on the platform for 20 minutes while waiting for the train. Every minute counts!


Published February 12, 2021

With Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend upon us, we hope you will be able to rest, relax and get plenty of exercise.  The Go Move Challenge is nearing the half way point and the numbers continue to be impressive: over 2000 faculty and staff from the 23 participating Jesuit institutions have accumulated more than 700,000 minutes of activity! Santa Clara continues to be the leading university with outstanding numbers. Size is not a deterrent and our colleagues at smaller institutions are definitely holding their own as well.  Boston College in only their second year competing in the challenge is absolutely killing it! Our institutions have embraced the newly introduced team feature, using it to motivate each other and having extra fun by choosing very creative names like Rhetflix and Run, Move Your FAFSA, Fringe Benefits, Leapin' Library, Exercising our Rights, LLC and more.

Judging by the social media posts, participants and the university challenge admins are certainly showing their creativity in earning their minutes:

  • Janice DeMonsi, Santa Clara University, enjoyed a bike ride and walk in Tiburon, CA with her husband. In addition, she ran with friends (socially distanced) around the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz.
  • Leslie Timoney, Fordham University, doesn't let cold weather and snow slow her down. She has been busy cross country skiing, running at twilight and hiking.
  • Penny Santy, Le Moyne College, shares some amazing photos of her snow kiting, cross country skiing and hiking. Snow kiting is definitely a new one for us Californians!
  • Matt Chesley, University of Detroit Mercy, is getting the work in at the gym, but also spending time shoveling snow.
  • Dennis Miller, University of San Francisco, taking a snow shoe break at lunch time. Way to make the most of your lunch time!
  • We want to see how you're moving! Share your photos, #GoMoveChallenge,  Instagram and Facebook and you could be featured in our AJCU articles!

To stay in the loop with Go Move Challenge happenings and to get motivated by seeing how our fellow Jesuit colleagues are moving this month, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.


The leaderboard is ever changing, so visit the Go Move Challenge website to see the most current standings! To date, the top 5 institutions averaging the most number of minutes per person are:

  • Santa Clara University
  • University of San Francisco
  • Boston College
  • Fairfield University
  • Saint Peter's University

Prizes that Motivate:

  • Creighton gave out Go Move Challenge shirts to all who registered before 1/22. They also have weekly fitness challenges with prize drawings for those who compete in the challenge. Last week's challenge was to participate in an online fitness class.
  • University of San Francisco is having weekly drawings where all who track at least 200 minutes for the week are entered. The prizes are North Face beanies. In addition, the team who averages the most number of minutes at the end of the month win beanies as well.
  • Fairfield University hosted a zoom kick-off party where she asked Go Move Challenge trivia questions and had raffle prizes.
  • University of Detroit Mercy awards a trophy to the department who tracks the most minutes. The trophy will live in the winning department for the entire year.

What Moves You?

Has Go Move inspired you? What are you doing to move? We would love to hear from participants from every institution! Remember to share your stories and follow us on social media and post photos using tag #gomovechallenge. You can also email your stories to Suzy Kisylia, challenge admin.

Weekly Recaps

As we have been reporting each week, participants have been as excited as ever to share their feedback on how the Go Move Challenge has positively influenced their month of February and beyond. If you missed any stories from previous weeks, you can access them, along with pictures, at any time:

There are 16 more days to go before the winning institutions are announced! Keep moving and logging your minutes. If you have any questions, please contact the Go Move Challenge administrator, Suzy Kisylia, at skisylia@usfca.edu.