Gender, Pronouns, and Preferred Name Policy

The University of San Francisco is committed to fostering an environment of inclusiveness and supporting employee’s preferred forms of self-identification. With this principle in mind, this policy below provides definitions for, and uses of, legal sex (gender), gender identity, pronouns and preferred name recorded for employees.

May 24, 2021

Legal Sex (Gender):

Employees must designate their legal sex (gender) in USFWorks during the new hire onboarding process. The University of San Francisco is required to collect legal sex (gender) in order to comply with federal reporting requirements, including IPEDS reporting and employee benefits carrier requirements. Possible legal sex (gender) designations are as follows: Female, Male.

Gender Identity:

Employees may designate their gender identity in USFWorks and it may be different from their legal sex (gender). Providing gender identity information is optional and entirely voluntary. Gender Identity information in the University’s employment records is confidential and access to, and use of, this data will be limited to federal reporting requirements which are in the aggregate.  The possible gender identity designations are as follows: Woman, Man, Non-Binary, Prefer Not to Disclose, N/A.

Gender Pronouns:

Employees may designate pronouns they wish to use by entering this information in USFWorks. The preferred pronoun will be displayed publicly in USFWorks, along with the employee’s preferred name and job title. Providing pronoun information is optional and entirely voluntary. Employees may add, edit, or remove their pronouns at any time. The possible gender pronoun designations are as follows: He/Him/His, She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs, No Preference, Prefer Not to Disclose, N/A.

Preferred Name:

Except when the use of an individual’s legal name is required by law or policy, employees will be identified in University of San Francisco employee electronic data systems by the preferred name that they have designated in USFWorks.

Use of Information:

University management may use the data it collects in the aggregate for analytics, including for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

How to Update Gender, Pronoun or Preferred Name in USF Works:

Please follow the instructions to update pronoun or gender identity in USFWorks. To update preferred name or any other personal information follow instructions on the Modify Personal Information job aid.

Legal Sex Designation The sex that is indicated on government issued ID, such as a passport, driver’s license or social security registration.
Gender Identity

A person’s inner sense of being man, woman, both, or neither. Gender identity may or may not be expressed outwardly and may or may not correspond to one’s physical characteristics.

Gender Pronouns

Words that people use to refer to other people, typically instead of using their names.

Preferred Name An alternative to the individual’s legal name as designated by the individual in university systems.
Legal Name The name an individual uses for official governmental documents, such as licenses, passports, and tax forms.
IPEDS Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System used by the National Center for Education Statistics to collect and analyze data related to education in the United States.