J-1 Employment

International students studying on an J-1 visa should keep in mind that the primary purpose of their visit to the United States is educational; working is always secondary and only students who are succeeding academically should pursue optional employment during their studies. J-1 students have the following options for employment:

On-Campus Employment:

J-1 international students in a degree seeking program are usually eligible for on-campus employment. J-1 students will have to check with theirĀ ISSS advisor or their visa sponsor to verify if there are any restrictions with on-campus employment. For more details visit the On-Campus Employment page.

Academic Training:

J-1 students can apply for off-campus work authorization in their field of study. For more details visit the Academic Training page.

* Students who have suffered an economic hardship and lost the funding they had for their education, may be eligible for work authorization. If you feel that you may be eligible, please contact ISSS and make an appointment with an advisor.