Project Success

My time management, prioritization, study skills, and how I approach my academic responsibilities has improved greatly while being in Project Success (PS). I now use skills and methods taught to me by my PS coach when I sit down to study for exams or [for] everyday homework. –Fall 2018 Participant


The Project Success Program matches graduate students with USF students who are in need of additional and continued academic support during the year. Participants are referred to The Learning Center by campus partners, including the Center for Academic & Student Achievement (CASA), Student Disability Services (SDS), and the Athletics Department.

For more information, please stop by The Learning Center in Gleeson Library, Room G03 (Lower Level) or contact PS Program Staff at 415-422-2518 or

Project Success is a long-standing tradition in The Learning Center. This program pairs graduate students with USF students who are in need of additional and continued academic support during the year. Students who participate commit to making adjustments in their academic routines and approaches. Project Success Coaches work individually with students on a weekly, regularly-scheduled basis. They partner with students to tailor their support and accountability methods, aiming to develop study skills and positive academic behaviors, including (but not limited to) time management, prioritization, note-taking, test-taking, critical reading, college-level writing, and goal-setting. Extensive training and resources are provided to Project Success Coaches.

Students meet with a Project Success Coach on a regular basis to:

  • develop general study skills 
  • learn process-based learning methods for all courses
  • track progress on activities/projects and stay on task
  • connect easily with additional Learning Center, Writing Center, and Speaking Center services, as needed

Participants commit to the following expectations when they are paired with a Project Success (PS) Coach:

  • meeting with the PS Coach at least once every week of the semester for a minimum of 1 hour / maximum of 3 hours
  • canceling appointments/meetings with the PS Coach at least 24 hours in advance
  • arriving on time and for all scheduled appointments/meetings
  • coming to appointments/meetings prepared and ready to work with all necessary materials related to course assignments
  • taking initiative with making appointments/meetings with the PS Coach (not waiting for her/him/them to reach out)
  • keeping the PS Coach aware of changes in schedules, course expectations, and course assignments
  • not expecting work to be done by the PS Coach for the student
  • “I have greatly improved at setting mini-deadlines, which has helped me to keep a closer track of my work and avoid becoming overwhelmed when multitasking [on] assignments.” –Fall 2018 Participant
  • “I am now able to adapt to sudden changes in my plans, getting rid of my distractions to prevent procrastination, time my work accordingly, and improve my ability to study for upcoming exams throughout this semester.” –Fall 2018 Participant
  • “My time management and previous tendency to procrastinate has reduced drastically this semester… Being accountable for my successes and shortcomings is a skill I have honed over the course of the past four months [with Project Success] and the results of this habit have been clearly reflected both on an academic & personal level.” –Fall 2018 Participant
  • Staying on top of assignments with [my PS Coach’s] help this semester has really decreased my overall cognitive load and stress, which has improved pretty much every area of my life. I feel way more confident in my ability to succeed academically thanks to our time together.” –Spring 2017 Participant

Project Success meetings typically begin during the first week of classes; meetings are scheduled each week of the term, until Finals Week (Fall and Spring terms only). All meetings take place in Gleeson Library.

Project Success Coaches must be current, full-time USF graduate students with a demonstrated interest in working with students in a mentoring capacity. Candidates are expected to possess a working knowledge of Student Development Theory and Adult Learning Theory, and have at least one year of experience working with students at the college level. Additionally, Project Success Coaches have exhibited strong organizational and communication skills, a strong interest in education, strong computer skills, and the ability to work effectively with others. Graduate students enrolled in USF’s School of Education are preferred.

The Project Success program is a partnership between The Learning Center and multiple departments on campus. If you are a student who is interested in participating, please contact one of the following staff members so they can submit a nomination to this program on your behalf:

  • your Academic Success Coach from the Center for Academic & Student Achievement (CASA)
  • your Disability Specialist from Student Disability Services (SDS)
  • the Director of Academic Support from University Athletics (student-athletes only)

Once you have been nominated, the "Project Success Student Interest Form" link will be sent directly to you. Completing that form is how you join the program.

The Project Success program is a partnership between The Learning Center and three departments on campus: the Center for Academic & Student Achievement (CASA), Student Disability Services (SDS), and University Athletics.

If you are staff member in any of these departments, please visit this link to nominate a student for this program.

PLEASE NOTE: The priority referral/nomination deadline for Spring 2019 is March 1, 2019.

If you are not a staff member in CASA, SDS, or Athletics, please contact Rachel Brunson at 415-422-2518 or for more information about available Academic Skills Development initiatives in The Learning Center.

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