BSBA Degree Program for Business Majors

SF in a bottle that says Wanderlust SFBachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree Program

The Undergraduate Business Program provides students with an education to facilitate their access to management employment track positions, entrepreneurial ventures and/or other graduate educational programs. 

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All majors include a core curriculum that will provide you with key business fundamentals across disciplines of accounting, mathematics and statistics, business analytics, economics, finance, management, law, marketing, and business systems, in addition to your chosen area of specialization. Select one that fits your career goals and academic interests.

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SF in a bottle that says Wanderlust SF Adding a Minor or Second Major

Thinking about adding a minor or double major? Here are some things for BSBA students to consider.

Choosing a Minor

Business majors who wish to add a minor can choose from a wide range of complementary areas of study outside of the School of Management (SOM). You can consult your SOM faculty adviser if you are unsure which minors will complement your major and your interests. Please note that SOM also offers minors, but they are open only to students outside of the School of Management.

Most minors require 20 credits, so be sure to perform the "What-If?" function on your Degree Evaluation to view the program requirements before you officially make any changes. After you have met with an adviser in the department of the new minor, you can submit the Change of Academic Program (CoAP) e-form to add it.

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Double Majors

Some BSBA students choose to add a second Business major instead of a minor. A second Business major requires 20 credits, the same as a minor, so BSBA students can double major by fulfilling the major-specific requirements of the second major. Your Business Core courses will count for both majors, but each Business major must be completed with unique, major-specific courses; double-counting courses is not allowed.

Meet with your faculty adviser and/or the chairperson of the department of the major you want to add to determine if you can add a second major and still graduate on time. If you decide to add a second Business major, complete the Change of Academic Program (CoAP) e-form to add the new major.

If you are interested in adding a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must meet with the department chair of the major you wish to add to determine if you can meet all the requirements for that major. Keep in mind that choosing a second major from outside the School of Management will require additional courses and prerequisites, so be sure to plan early!

For more information on double majors and how they will be listed on your degree, please refer to the University Catalog.