Using the Degree Evaluation "What If" Tool

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Your degree evaluation "What-If Tool" allows you to view major/minor program requirements before you officially file the forms to make the change permanent.

Use your Degree Evaluation "What If" Tool to:

  • Explore different majors and minors
  • See how the courses you have taken will fulfill the requirements
  • See what course requirements are necessary for the major/minor (declaring or switching majors)
  • Determine what courses would be needed if you wanted to double major or double minor

Note: The "What If" feature is an advising tool and does not make any permanent or official change to your Degree Evaluation.

To Officially Add a Major, Minor, or Second Major /Minor:

  1. Explore your options using the Degree Evaluation "What If" tool (instructions below).
  2. Meet with an advisor in department of the new major/minor (you'll need to list this person's name when submitting the official change request).
  3. If after meeting with the new department you need additional advising assistance, meet with your academic advisor.  If you cannot get a hold of your academic advisor you can meet with an Academic Advisor in the  SOM's Office of Undergraduate Studies in Malloy Hall, 113.
  4. Submit a Change of Academic Program (CoAP) form online.

After submitting the form online it will take 3-7 business days to process. Once approved your degree evaluation will be updated with the new major/minor(s) and a new or additional (if applicable) academic advisor will be assigned and listed in your degree evaluation.

To Utilize the 'What If" Tool:

  1. Log-in to myUSF
  2. Select the Student Tab
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Degree Evaluation
  5. Within your Degree Evaluation, select the "What If" section on the left  menu, in light gray.

Exploring a (Hypothetical) Change of Your Major:

To see what the requirements would be for a different major and how the courses you have taken would apply to that major:

  1. Select the major you are interested in in the primary area of study section
  2. Then, select "Process What-If".

You will now see a sample degree evaluation with the courses you have taken applied to the new major selected (in this case, Finance). 

Note: this is just a hypothetical what-if tool (i.e. your major has not official changed in the USF system) as your real degree evaluation remains intact under the "Degree Evaluation" tab (in black) at the far left, top tab.

Exploring Adding a Minor (Hypothetically):

If you are considering adding a minor, utilize your degree evaluation What If tool to:

  • See what courses you have taken would apply towards that minor (if any).
  • See what the first class within the minor you should take to see if it's a good fit.
  • See if there are any prerequisite classes you need to take to start the minor
  • See which minor(s) may compliment your major (i.e. have courses that fulfill both the major and the minor requirements).

To use the What-If tool to explore minors:

  1. Look to the far left side of the Degree Evaluation and select the "What If" tab on the left  menu, in light gray.
  2. In the primary area of study section (closest to the top of the page) select the Minor drop-down arrow (at the far right side of the page) to select the minor you are interested in*
  3. Then, select "Process What-If".

*Note: Business majors can add any College of Arts and Sciences minors but they cannot add a business minor (General Business Minor, Hospitality Management Minor, or the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor).  Business minors are 20 credits, which are the same as double majoring in a business major (most business majors are 20 credits). If you are interested in adding a business minor (you can't) consider adding a second business major (if it does not delay your graduation).

You will now see the Minor listed on your What If Degree Evaluation.  The minor requirements listed towards the bottom of the page.

Exploring  Adding a Second Major or Second Minor (Hypothetically):

Utilize this feature to see what the requirements would be for a secondary major or secondary minor.  This tool will also show you  how the courses you have taken would apply to the secondary major and/or secondary minor.

  1.  Within your Degree Evaluation, select the "What If" section on the left  menu, in light gray.
  2. Utilize the middle portion of the page (within the green header that says "Select your additional areas of study") to add a secondary major and/or secondary minor. 
  3. Second Major: Under "Program for Additional Areas" select the second major you are considering.
    Second Minor: Under "Program for Additional Areas" select the minor you are considering, this open the Select a minor field, then select the minor you want.
  4. Next, select "Add".  This should populate the second major and/or second Minor you are considering into the box area on the right.  In this example we are adding a second major of Accounting and a minor in African Studies.
  5. Select "Process What If"

The What If Degree Evaluation now shows the second major (ex. Accounting) and second Minor (ex. African Studies),their requirements, and how the courses you have taken apply to the What if Degree Evaluation.