Advising Holds

Academic Advising holds or other holds may appear on your student account at any time and must be removed prior to registration. 

Spring 2019 Academic Advising Holds:

  • SOM Freshmen and Sophomores have academic advising holds placed on their accounts prior to the upcoming term's registration period.

    To clear the academic advising hold: Freshmen and Sophomores are required to complete an online advising tutorial and quiz (available on Canvas in during the month of March) in order to remove the SOM's academic advising hold* placed on their accounts.  Access to the Canvas tutorial and quiz will be emailed to students by March 4, 2019. Once the quiz has been completed, the advising hold will be removed within 5 business days (or less).  *Accounting majors may have an additional Accounting advising hold. **Freshmen and Sophomores may have additional holds on their student accounts**
  • SOM Juniors and Seniors do not have an academic advising hold (Accounting majors may have a department advising hold) .  We recommend that Juniors and Seniors still schedule a one-on-one appointment with their Faculty advisor (click on Registration Status & Advisor Information in myUSF to determine who your major adviser is) prior to registration to stay on track. **There may other holds on your student account**

How Often to Check myUSF for Active Holds:

Prior to registration, you should check your holds screen on a daily basis (new holds can appear every day) to ensure that you do not have any unresolved holds prior to registration. **Some holds block registration.**

How to Check myUSF for Active Holds:

  1. Log-in to myUSF
  2. Select the "Student" tab
  3. Select "Registration"
  4. Select "Holds"

Any holds that are listed as active holds must be cleared prior to your registration time period.

Example of an Active Hold:

Holds that indicated that the "Process Affected Action" is Registration, will block registration access until they are cleared.

Example of a Hold Screen With All Holds Cleared

This account does not have any active holds (all holds have been cleared).


If you have questions about your academic advising hold, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies at:, or by calling (415) 422-2369.