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Roommate Finding Resources

USF Community Resources

Off-Campus Living offers a Roommate Finder Resource on our online rental listing service available for USF students to post and search for other roommates. Please stay tuned for our new interface coming soon! 

OCL Rental Website 


Facebook Groups

Facebook often has many group pages that are helpful for not only finding housing, but also finding roommates. Check out the links below for some examples: 

Roommate Selection Evaluation Process

One of the first steps to finding a roommate that is right for you is to determine your own style of living and compare it to the style of living of your potential roommate. Have an open conversation with your potential roommate to get to know each other better and share lifestyle preferences. 

  • Do you tend to be more quiet or outgoing?
  • Do you like to have friends come over frequently?
  • How do you feel about overnight guests?
  • Do you want a community living feel or do your own thing?
  • Do you identify as messy or more organized?
  • How long do you typically spend in the bathroom getting ready in the morning?
  • Do you like to wake up early or stay up late?
  • What are your standards of cleanliness?
  • Who is responsible and for what areas?
  • How should the workload be divided?
  • Will a rotating weekly schedule work or individual duties work better?
  • How and who will buy groceries?
  • Will it be collective or individual?
  • If collective, how much money will be budgeted for food?
  • If individual, how will you identify who bought what items?
  • Who will replace what items?
  • How will the rent be paid?
  • How will the money be collected?
  • What are the consequences when the rent is late?
  • Are you financially reliable?
  • What rules will there be concerning personal items?
  • Will sharing or borrowing be allowed?
  • Are certain items off limits?
  • Will the television/stereo be shared?
  • Will permission be allowed for all items or just certain ones?

Living Agreements

As mentioned before, once you've found your roommate, we highly encourage you to complete a written living agreement that clearly states expectations regarding the house, including but not limited to who will be in charge of paying the rent and utilities. 

Please note that making a room or roommate switch becomes more complicated after the lease has been signed. Although it is possible to move out of an apartment before a lease has expired, this decision will come with a set of financial consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important you sign onto a lease with roommates you trust. 

One key to a good roommate relationship is open communication and respect for one another. If you're not doing either, you are bound to have issues, which will make your experience difficult. If you are in need of help, please contact OCL to discuss our mediation and conflict resolution services. 

sample living agreement