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Our university offers many types of resources. Interested in getting involved on campus or want to study abroad? The University of San Francisco has a wide array of support for your needs.

Bon Appetit Food Service
University Center 2nd Floor
Contact Us
    - USF Campus Dining Services
    - Accommodate Dietary Needs   

University Center 1st Floor
(415) 422-6493
    - Buy textbooks via the web
    - Sell back textbooks
    - School supplies/ USF Apparel

Career Services Center
University Center 5th Floor
(415) 422-6216
    - Internship Information
    - Resume writing/ Interview practice
    - Assessment tests
    - Career Exploration

Center for Academic and Student Achievement
University Center 3rd floor
(415) 422-5050
    - A hub for support programs, such as academic coaching, counseling, and other programs

Center for Global Education
Lone Mountain 340
(415) 422-6848
    - Dedicated to the development of academic and immersion programs throughout the world
    - Provides Study Abroad Experiences

College of Arts & Sciences
Harney 240
(415) 422-2221
    - Dean's Office Staff
    - Offers various majors and minors, many with specialized concentrations

Counseling and Psychological Services
Gillson Lower Level
(415) 422-6352
    - Helps students with relationship, anxiety issues, stress-management
    - Support groups

Gender and Sexuality Center
University Center 413
(415) 422-4431
    - Support the University's core value of preparing members of the USF community to be men and women for and with others
    - Support the University's commitment to providing individuals with the critical reflection skills necessary to succeed in life

Gleeson Library | Geschke Center
University of San Francisco 
(415) 422-2660
Contact Us
    - Most services available on-line
    - Request books via mail
    - Assist with academic research

Health Promotion Services
University Center 5th Floor
(415) 422-5797
    - Direct clinical and insurance services to promote the health of USF students.

Informational Technology Services (ITS)
Lone Mountain 1st and 2nd Floor and Gleeson Library
(415) 422-6668
    - Activate computer account- Email/Web
    - Labs located throughout the campus

International Student and Scholar Services
University Center 5th Floor
(415) 422-2654
    - Promotes a global perspective through educational and programmatic outreach
    - Providing support services and immigration advising to international students/scholars

Intercultural Center
University Center 411/412
(415) 422-6484
    - Empower individuals to develop as whole persons and by extension, to honor the wholeness in others

Koret Health and Recreation Center
(415) 422-6821
Contact Us
    - Providing an outstanding recreational and fitness environment for USF students, faculty, staff, alumni and members

Learning and Writing Center
Gleeson Library, Lower Level G03
(415) 422-6713
    - Offers assistance to all USF students in their academic pursuits
Mail Room
Hayes-Healy Lower Level
(415) 422-6341

Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach  
Lone Mountain 104
(415) 422-2821
    - Enrich the campus climate for diversity and inclusion
    - Strengthen recruitment, retention, achievement and graduation of diverse students
    - Strengthen and promote curricular and co-curricular (cross-cultural) programs related to diversity
    - Enrich the urban community and university community engagement through outreach, service and partnership with diverse communities

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Lone Mountain 251
(415) 422-6563
    - Admission questions, transcript submission, campus tours

One Card
Lone Mountain 130
(415) 422-7663
    - Provide a centralized means for you to access several key University services, and to provide a convenient way for you to conduct your on-campus business.

One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services
Lone Mountain 251
(415) 422-2020
    - Provides combined services in the areas of Financial Aid, Registration, and Tuition & Billing.
    - Provides tuition and fee benefits to qualified veterans who are accepted and enrolled at the University

Public Safety
University Center 5th floor
(415) 422-4222
    - Provide a safe learning environment by working collaboratively with our campus community.

School of Management
Malloy Hall
(415) 422-2221
    - Develop a global business perspective, emphasizing social justice and diverse cultures while studying the private, public, or nonprofit sectors

School of Nursing and Health Professions
Cowell 102
(415) 422-6681
    - Designed to meet the needs of future health care delivery systems

Student Disability Services
Gleeson Lower Level 20
(415) 422-2613
    - Help USF students with disabilities serve as fully contributing and actively participating members of the University community

Student Employment
Lone Mountain 251
(415) 422-2020
    - An opportunity for students to earn money to meet their educational expenses and allow them to gain valuable work experience

Student Health Clinic
2250 Hayes Street, 3rd floor, #302
 (St. Mary's Office)
(415) 750-5995
24 Willie Mays Plaza (AT&T Park Care Center)
(415) 947-3096 
    - Committed to quality care and the promotion of optimal health

Student Housing and Residential Education
University Center, 5th Floor
(415) 422-6824
    - Provide the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful, and connected learning through integration of the residential and academic components

Student Leadership and Engagement
University Center 4th Floor
(415) 422-7256
    - Helps students get involved with student organizations including Senate, Greek Life, Culturally Focused Clubs, Performing Arts, Academic/Honorary/Professional Associations, and School Spirit
    - Provides leadership programs and opportunities including Magis Emerging Leadership Program, Student Leadership Conference, and Student Leadership Awards
Promotes campus events

Division of Student Life
University Center 
    - Senior Leadership Team 
    - Support holistic student development within a social justice framework centered in preparing students to be caring, socially responsible citizens in our global and local community

Transfer Support - Office of Admission
Lone Mountain 251
(415) 422-6563
    - Transfer students make up a unique and coveted population of students at USF that become major contributors to the university's campus community.

University Ministry
Toler Lower Level
(415) 422-4463
    - Creates opportunities for University of San Francisco students, faculty, staff , and alumni to explore principles of Ignatian Spirituality and apply them to their studies, careers, and personal lives

    Access to:
        - University announcements, campus news and USF calendar event information
        - DonsApps - Gmail, Google Calendar, Documents, and Sites
        - Learning Technologies, incl. Blackboard, iTunes U, USFwiki

    - USF's online advising and registration tutorial.
    - Call (415) 422-4WEB or email