Office of Planning and Budget

Mission & Strategic Goals

Mission Statement

The Office of Planning and Budget within the Center for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (CIPE) serves the institution's Strategic Priorities through budget development, ensuring future plans support the Vision, Mission and Values of the University of San Francisco. Enabling University-wide planning, we are committed to transparency and consistency in the compilation, consolidation, and review of plans and their budgets.

Strategic Goals

Consistent with the University Goals, the following goals are prioritized:

  • Ensure that our institutional planning process allows us to purposefully advance the University's mission.
  • Recruit and retain excellent staff that are committed to USF's mission, share its values, and embrace its "culture of service".
  • Ensure that the Office Planning and Budget contributes actively to the implementation and adoption of our new university human capital management software, Workday.
  • Develop tools and analyses that help leadership make informed decisions which ensure USF's long-term financial stability.
  • Promote transparency of institutional financial resources.