[Proposed 2/10/16 rev. 3]

Article 1

The President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women shall have a minimum of fifteen and a maximum of 21 voting members appointed by the University President.

Prospective members will go through a nomination process. 

Membership shall include faculty, staff, administrators, and students of all levels, with at least one male-identified member.

Membership will aim to be representative of the USF population  from each school and division, based on interest and willingness of members to be consistently engaged with the Committee.

Standing representation will be sought from such areas as Critical Diversity Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural Centers, Title IX representative, Women in Leadership & Philanthropy, Diversity Engagement & Community Outreach, etc.

A student representative shall serve as a voting member of the Committee. 

The Co-Chairs shall be selected by the Committee. Co-Chairs will aim to be comprised of one faculty representative and one staff representative.

Article 2
Term of Office

The term of office shall be two years with the option for renewal to a second term.

If a member leaves the school or university division he/she/they represents, and is the sole representative of said school, then his/her/their term shall expire automatically at the end of the semester and all efforts will be made to ensure that a replacement from said school or division can be found, based on interest and willingness to engage with the Committee. 

It is understood that a student member may not be able to fulfill a full term.

Article 2

The Committee shall address systemic issues related to gender justice within the campus.

Each member will participate in one subcommittee per year, rotating participation during their PACSW tenure.

Article 4

A quorum consists of one third of the minimum voting members.

Regular meetings shall be scheduled at the beginning of the semester.

Special meetings may be called by the Co-Chairs with one week's notice.

Decisions of the Committee are determined by the majority of members present at the time of the vote.

Article 5
Reporting Responsibilities

The Committee shall report its conclusions/recommendations first to the University President.

The Committee shall send its conclusions/recommendations to unions, associations, task forces, or other USF organizations that in the Committee's judgment need to be apprised of its findings.

Committee minutes and proceedings shall be sent to the Executive Officers at the close of the Spring semester of each academic year.

Article 6
Change in By-Laws

Any proposed changes in these By-Laws must be approved by three quarters of the Committee.

Any changes in these By-Laws are subject to the approval of the University President.