[Revised February 2019]


Article 1

The President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women shall have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 21 voting members appointed by the University President.

Membership shall include faculty, staff, administrators, and students of all levels who have an understanding of and commitment to the mission of PACSW. 

Standing representation will be sought from campus areas and programs that have a focus on issues and topics related to the mission of PACSW (see Appendix A).

Members must be able to attend ⅔ of annual meetings during the academic year (August to May), and may be subject to removal if this requirement is not met. 

The two co-chairs will aim to be comprised of one faculty representative and one staff representative. 

Article 2
Term of Office

The term of office shall be two years with the option for renewal to a second term.

If a member leaves the school or university division he/she/they represents, and is the sole representative of said school, then his/her/their term shall expire automatically at the end of the semester and all efforts will be made to ensure that a replacement from said school or division can be found, based on interest and willingness to engage with the committee. 

Co-chairs will serve 2 year terms which will be staggered to ensure institutional memory. 

Article 3

The committee shall address and serve and an expert body on systemic issues related to I 

Each member will participate in one subcommittee per year. (See Appendix B for subcommittees) 

Members undergo a formation process with regards to committee duties. (See Appendix C for process) 

Co-chairs are responsible for the administrative functions of PACSW including scheduling meetings, taking meeting minutes, communicating with membership, and holding necessary votes.

Co-chairs are responsible for meeting with the president of the university once a semester.

Article 4

Prospective members will go through a nomination process. Any USF student, staff, or faculty member can nominate another student, staff, or faculty member to be a PACSW member. Nominees are required to submit a short letter of interest to the PACSW co-chairs answering the following questions: Why do you want to serve as a member of PACSW? What related experience would you bring as a PACSW member? Letters of interest should be received by a deadline determined by PACSW. Nominees must be approved by a majority vote from all PACSW members, and are subject to approval by the president. 

Co-chairs will be selected by a majority vote from all PACSW members. A co-chair must have been a PACSW member for at least 1 semester prior taking on the role as co-chair. 

A quorum consists of one third of the minimum voting members.

Regular meetings shall be scheduled at the beginning of the semester.

Special meetings may be called by the Co-Chairs with one week's notice.

Decisions of the committee are determined by a majority of members present at the time of the vote.

Subcommittees may be formed or removed through vote. 

Article 5
Reporting Responsibilities

PACSW will first report its conclusions/recommendations to the president of the university. 

PACSW will send its conclusions/recommendations to unions, associations, task forces, or other USF organizations that in the committee’s judgment need to be apprised of its findings.

An annual report, prepared by the co-chairs, will be presented to the president of the university and posted to the PACSW website by June 1.

Article 6
Change in Bylaws

Any proposed changes in these bylaws must be approved by a majority vote by PACSW members.

Any changes in these bylaws are subject to the approval of the University President.


Appendix A
Standing Membership Areas

  • Critical Diversity Studies
  • Cultural Centers
  • Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Title IX
  • Women in Leadership and Philanthropy
  • Six schools 

Appendix B

  • Marketing, Historical Documentation, and Data
  • Women’s Co-Mentoring Program
  • Administrative Processes (Bylaws, membership, etc.)
  • Mini-Grants and Events 

Appendix C
Membership Formation Process

  1. 1st Year - Sub-committee/workgroup member
  2. 2nd Year - Sub-committee/workgroup chair
  3. 3rd/4th Year - Task Force Chair