Gender Justice Awards

About the Award

Gender Justice is the active promotion of equal, just, and dignified treatment of individuals regardless of sex, gender, or sexualities, and the remedying of inequalities on these bases.

The award may be granted to USF students, staff, faculty, or alumni who have demonstrated ongoing and creative commitment to the promotion of gender justice.

The nomination cycle for academic year 2017-2018 has closed, and we reopen in early Spring 2019.

Nomination Qualifications

Nominations will be accepted from any member of the USF community: student, staff, faculty or alumni. Applicants may self-nominate. Note: Current members of PACSW are not eligible for the award.

We will accept applications for Faculty, Staff and Alumni beginning in Spring 2019. Deadline to apply for the AY1819 Award is: TBA.

We will accept applications for Students (Grad and UG) beginning in Spring 2019. Deadline to apply for the AY1819 Award is: TBA. 

Nominations should be submitted via the electronic application, which will include the following information:

  • Nominee’s Name, Major, Year of Graduation, Job Title, or other Affiliation with USF, including current contact information
  • An explanation of the Nominee’s work related to Gender Justice, including concrete examples to illustrate the nominee’s ongoing commitment to gender justice issues
  • Name and Contact Information of the individual nominating, if not self nominating.

Presentation of Awards

Faculty, Staff and Alumni awards will be presented at the Annual Breaking Bread Conversation Series.

Student Awards will be presented at the SLE/Student Life Awards event in mid-April.