Strategic Goals and Initiatives Dashboard

This data-dashboard outlines the USF 2027 strategic plan initiatives for the first year of implementation and captures the outcomes, key performance indicators (KPI), and metrics for how we will measure our progress.

Strategic Plan Themes

The Strategic Plan provides an effective roadmap for addressing five themes that have emerged as critical to our thriving:

  • Rebuild our enrollments and improve retention
  • Evolve our education so it’s future ready
  • Diversify our revenue streams
  • Strengthen our Community, and
  • Tell our story 


What is a dashboard? Much like an automobile dashboard that displays at-a-glance information for the driver, a strategic planning dashboard displays information on predefined measures of progress and accomplishment of goals for the institution.

We have categorized each initiative as follows and indicated which initiatives are in process or have been completed:

  • Quick wins: Low-complexity initiatives that can move forward where funding allows and can make a meaningful positive impact. 
  • Strategic Priorities: Initiatives with significant complexity and high impact that also meet near term, mission-aligned priorities focused on revenue, enrollment, or have a high degree of alignment with fundraising priorities.
  • Horizon Opportunities: Initiatives that will have significant impact, but also have significant complexity and may require substantial budget allocation, external funding, or time and effort.

The dashboard is a living document that we are updating on a monthly basis. Many of these metrics are being gathered periodically and may not be completely up to date in a given moment. We look forward to refining this dashboard and welcome your feedback. Please send any questions or feedback to

View the Dashboard in Google Sheets