Working Groups

The Strategic Plan Advisory Council launched working groups for each of the goals in the strategic plan, as well as a working group on global focus and responsibility, one of the guiding values of the plan. In May 2023, the Working Groups presented their Priorities and Recommendations.

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  • Working Group #1REIMAGINE JESUIT EDUCATION to accelerate the achievement of a more just and sustainable world.
  • Working Group #2INVEST IN AND PROMOTE THE SCHOLARLY, CREATIVE, AND COMMUNITY-FOCUSED ENDEAVORS that advance justice and address the pressing challenges of our time.
  • Working Group #3PROVIDE A RADICALLY INCLUSIVE, INTERNATIONAL, AND WELCOMING CAMPUS EXPERIENCE that propels students to realize their full potential as leaders, social change agents, creators, practitioners, and lifelong learners.
  • Working Group #4EXTEND OUR VISIBILITY, PROMINENCE, AND ACCESSIBILITY through strategic partnerships, public programming, and community outreach that extend our reach as people for and with others.
  • Working Group #5ENSURE USF IS AN EQUITABLE AND EXTRAORDINARY PLACE TO WORK through developing an agile, highly-motivated, collaborative, and growth-oriented workforce.
  • Working Group #6DEVELOP INCLUSIVE AND PARTICIPATORY SHARED GOVERNANCE STRUCTURES to harness the creativity, vision, and brilliance of our students, staff, faculty, and librarians.
  • Working Group #7