Working Group 7


  • Marcella Pitcher DeProto, Senior Director, International Student and Scholar Services
  • Dana Zartner, Professor of International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences and Co-Director, Honors College


  • Julianne Cartwright Traylor, Associate Director, International LLM and Visiting Scholar Program, School of Law
  • Pedro Lange Churion, Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Michael Duffy, Director, McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education, School of Education
  • Diana Johnston, Director of Development, School of Management and International Fundraising
  • Poonam Kakodkar, Doctoral Student, School of Education
  • Sharon Li, Senior Director, Center for Global Education
  • Paul Salumbides, Marketing Strategist, Office of Marketing Communications
  • Esther Sprague, Senior Director, Administration and Finance, School of Law
  • Jennifer Tripp, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Marthinus Van Loggerenberg, Assistant Professor, Advertising, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Neil Walshe, Associate Professor, School of Management
  • Xiaohua Yang, Professor, School of Management and Director, Center for Business Studies and Innovation

SPAC Ambassadors:

The Working Group on Global Focus and Responsibility is a widely-representative group tasked with the implementation of initiatives that fulfill the university’s commitment to global focus and responsibility–one of the guiding principles of the strategic plan. The strategic plan calls for fostering global perspectives and relationships, engaging in mutual and respectful collaborations with international partners, educating students for global citizenship, encouraging and recognizing the global expertise and engagement of the USF community, and sustaining active engagement in a broader global network. The group will engage the USF community to facilitate dialogue on this topic, coordinate with units to advance, develop and refine proposals, making them more concrete and actionable where needed, provide updates to the community, work collaboratively across the other working groups as needed, and generate recommendations for how best to implement the actions and objectives outlined in the university’s commitment to global focus and responsibility.  Specifically, the working group is asked to develop recommendations that achieve the following:

  • Develop concrete and actionable next steps for ensuring USF is globally focused and responsible
  • Prioritize the objectives and action items related to global focus and responsibility
  • Establish ways of assessing progress and success (KPIs or other quantitative or qualitative metrics)

The working group will provide periodic feedback on its progress to the Strategic Planning Advisory Council and submit its final report and recommendations to the Council to be integrated into the broader strategic plan implementation process.