Working Group 2


  • Annette Regan, CRASE Co-Director and Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Sevan Suni, Assistant Professor, Biology, College of Arts and Sciences


  • Roger (Rongxing) Chen, Professor, School of Management
  • Julie Chernoff, Director, School of Law
  • Marie-Claude Couture, Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions
  • Camille Coley, Associate Vice Provost, Sponsored Programs and External Partnerships, Office of Contracts and Grants
  • David Holler, Professor, Rhetoric, College of Arts and Sciences, and Director, Martín–Baró Scholars Program 
  • Saera Khan, Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences,
  • Amalia Kokkinaki, Associate Professor, Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Gerard Kuperus, Professor, Philosophy, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jenny Lee, Associate Director, Health Promotion Services,
  • Helen Maniates, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and McCarthy Faculty Scholar, School of Education
  • Darian Rosengard, Associate Director, Parent and Family Philanthropy
  • Jill Schepmann, Instructor of Rhetoric and Language, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • John Sullivan, Fletcher Jones Professor of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • John Zarobell, Professor and Chair, International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sergio De La Torre, Associate Professor and Program Director of Fine Arts, College of Arts and Sciences

SPAC Ambassadors:

The Working Group on Investing in Scholarly, Creative and Community-Focused Endeavors is a widely representative group tasked with implementation of initiatives that advance scholarly, creative, community-focused work that generates social action and mission-aligned impact in the local and global communities to which USF belongs.  The group will engage the USF community to facilitate dialogue on this goal, coordinate with units to advance, develop and refine proposals, making them more concrete and actionable where needed, provide updates to the community, work collaboratively across the other working groups as needed, and generate recommendations for how best to implement the actions and objectives outlined in this goal.  Specifically, the working group is asked to develop recommendations that achieve the following:

  • Develop concrete and actionable next steps for investing and promoting in scholarly, creative and community-focused endeavors
  • Prioritize the objectives and action items to achieve goal #2
  • Establish ways of assessing progress and success (KPIs or other quantitative or qualitative metrics)

The working group will provide periodic feedback on its progress to the Strategic Planning Advisory Council and submit its final report and recommendations to the Council to be integrated into the broader strategic plan implementation process.

Goal 2

INVEST IN AND PROMOTE THE SCHOLARLY, CREATIVE, AND COMMUNITY-FOCUSED ENDEAVORS that advance justice and address the pressing challenges of our time.

Objectives Actions
1. Advance scholarly, creative, community-focused work that generates social action and leads to positive impact aligned with USF’s mission.
  1. Create fora where faculty, librarians, and staff engage with alumni and community members within and across disciplines in transformative community interaction.
  2. Expand research internships for students working with faculty.
  3. Seek increased external funding or start-up grants to bolster our investment in scholarly and creative activities.
  4. Convene an annual dialogue in which community members can discuss social, economic, and environmental justice issues, learn from experts, and develop strategies for how USF can better address these issues.
  5. Enhance globally-focused research and creative collaborations to support the continued flow of scholars and ideas vital to USF’s Jesuit and other international partnerships.
2. Hire, invest in and retain diverse faculty, librarians, and staff to ensure scholarly and artistic endeavors that strengthen academic excellence and reflect USF’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  1. Increase faculty, librarian, and staff diversity in order to infuse scholarly, creative, and community endeavors with diverse and global lived experiences.
3. Elevate the public profile of scholarly and creative achievements through proactive media outreach, social media, and USF’s communication platforms.
  1. Promote faculty, librarian, and staff expertise through symposia, media relations, and regular community dialogues.
  2. Provide faculty, librarians, and staff with the tools and resources to raise public awareness of their scholarly and creative work among their own networks, as well as in academic and non-academic general interest publications and outlets.
  3. Improve mechanisms for promoting the scholarly, creative, and community activities of USF faculty, staff, librarians, students, and alumni.