Strategic Plan Resources

We will share here the resources we create to help guide implementation of our Strategic Plan, including materials that have been shared with the working groups and those that are being used publicly with all of our constituencies to help ensure our community is up to date on our progress and how we are approaching implementation. 

For Working Groups

Timeline for process and deliverables

Inventory of local initiatives/projects

This living document gathers and organizes the initiatives and projects underway or envisioned in local strategic planning (by schools, college, and units) by working group goals/objectives.

Working Group Toolkit

This is a guide created to provide working groups with some structure, resources, and guidance as they develop plans to fulfill their charge.  

Working Group Chairs Orientation presentation deck

Considerations for Developing Recommendations (Including Examples)

Overview of Summary Recommendations (Template)

Measuring Progress and Success with Key Performance Indicators

SPAC Ambassadors

Members of the Strategic Plan Advisory Council (SPAC) have been designated to act as ambassadors to the working groups and to serve as liaisons, facilitate coordination, answer questions and sit with the working groups as needed.

Working Group 1: Reimagine Jesuit Education – Richard Stackman, Danica Nacionales

Working Group 2: Invest in Scholarly, Creative and Community Focused Endeavors – Carolina Echeverria, Star Plaxton Moore

Working Group 3: Radically Inclusive, International, and Welcoming Campus – Angelica Quinonez, Chris Brooks, Liz Miles

Working Group 4: Extend our Visibility, Prominence and Accessibility – Marilyn DeLaure, Katherine Edwards

Working Group 5: Equitable and Extraordinary Workplace – Golden Venters

Working Group 6: Participatory Shared Governance – Shawn Calhoun

Working Group 7: Global Focus and Responsibility – Anastasia Vrachnos

Jesuit Identity: Barwende Sane

Laudato Si/One Earth Initiative: Billy Riggs, Anastasia Vrachnos

For Schools/College/Units

USF2027 Unit Alignment Template

This template can be used by units to capture how their own current or future efforts support the actions specified under each goal of the 2027 Strategic Plan. 

SPAC Liaisons

Members of the Strategic Plan Advisory Council have been designated to act as liaisons to campus units as they work through aligning their own strategic planning efforts with the goals of the 2027 Strategic Plan.

College of Arts and Sciences - Dana Zartner

Development - Mario Peraza

Facilities - Liz Miles

Gleeson Library - Erika Johnson

Human Resources - Diane Nelson

Information Technology Services - David Kirmse

Office of Marketing and Communications - Anneliese Mauch

School of Education - Laura Hannemann

School of Law - Amy Flynn / Danica Nacionales

School of Management - Richard Stackman

School of Nursing and Health Professions - Carolina Echeverria

Student Life - Golden Venters

Community Updates

Fall 2022 Community Convocation
Aug. 22, 2022

Strategic Plan presentation to Cabinet
Oct. 5, 2022

President's Town Hall
Nov. 8, 2022

Strategic Plan presentation to Alumni Board of Directors
Sep. 24, 2022