Working Group 6


  • Mike Webber, Professor of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences, and President, USFFA
  • Vacant


  • Shannon Burchard, Head of Collections, Law Library, School of Law
  • Michael Hammond, Adjunct Faculty, USFFA-PT
  • Erika Johnson, Associate Dean, Collection Services, Gleeson Library
  • Amy Joseph, Program Manager and Adviser, Undergraduate Teacher Education Center, and Staff Council Representative
  • Deborah Panter, Associate Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness
  • Jeff Paris, Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sonja Martin Poole, Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Marketing, School of Management
  • Virginia Ramos, Adjunct Professor of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Spencer Rangitsch, Program Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences, and Staff Tri-Chair, University Budget Advisory Committee

SPAC Ambassadors:

The Working Group on Shared Governance (WGSG) is a widely representative group tasked with researching, proposing, developing, and facilitating dialogue about shared governance models, with the goal of making specific recommendations to improve shared governance at USF. The WGSG is responsible for leading a community-wide discussion regarding shared governance, including developing a definition of shared governance, identifying stakeholders and their areas of oversight, and developing specific models to improve and facilitate shared governance at USF. The working group will provide periodic feedback on its progress to the Strategic Planning Advisory Council and submit its final report and recommendations to the Council to be integrated into the broader strategic plan implementation process. 

Goal 6

DEVELOP INCLUSIVE AND PARTICIPATORY SHARED GOVERNANCE STRUCTURES to harness the creativity, vision, and brilliance of our students, staff, faculty, and librarians.

Objectives Actions
1. Define and implement an institutional shared governance structure to ensure inclusive and participatory decision-making, and strengthen transparency, communication, and trust.
  1. Create a task force to identify, appoint, and engage a widely representative deliberative body of full- and part-time faculty, librarians, staff, administrators, and students to develop and implement a stakeholder-informed definition of shared governance and an operational model for shared governance that connects existing structures and incorporates new structures as needed.
  2. Actualize a shared governance model that addresses and ensures regular and timely dissemination of updates and information, gathering of stakeholder input on important issues, and regular opportunities for inclusive and participatory decision-making among stakeholders.
2. Engage students in co-designing the educational experience through direct input and engagement in design and delivery of curricula and co-curricula.
  1. Leverage student governing bodies and representatives of the Provost’s Student Advisory Council in responding to USF’s current curricula and co-curricula, identifying gaps, and suggesting revisions and/or new programs.
  2. Develop tools and resources that will assist departments in engaging their students around more detailed discussions of curricula and co-curricular experience, and formation.