Summer 2020 Online Core Course Initiative Cohort

BAIS 100: Introduction to International Studies (Core E)

John ZarobellCourse Instructor: John Zarobell, Professor

The course addresses broad international issues that affect many aspects of our everyday lives. Issues of cooperation and conflict among states, globalization, economic development, human rights protections, and environmental degradation all encompass global concerns that directly impact individuals at the local level.

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ENGL 202: Great Works of Western Literature — Romance, Revolution, and Exile (Core C1)

Omar F. MirandaCourse Instructor: Omar F. Miranda, Associate Professor

This course is an exploration of literature from the Western tradition. It will help in the development of critical and analytical thinking and writing skills as students peruse the authors of classical or timeless works.

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MATH 106: Business Statistics (Core B1)

Jennifer ChubbCourse Instructor: Jennifer Chubb, Associate Professor

Applied mathematics and statistics taught through the medium of spreadsheets (Excel). Topics include Introduction to Excel; basic algebra for spreadsheet modeling; descriptive statistics; elementary probability theory.

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MUS 203: Music & Social Protest (Core F)

Byron Au YongCourse Instructor: Byron Au Yong, Associate Professor

Music can be a vehicle for social change and singing songs can comment on as well as affect changes within society. Using multicultural case studies from the US and Latin America, we consider how musicians and activists use musical sounds and performance practices as tools to empower people. The class contains a historical survey/lecture component and a performance lab component (no prior musical experience required).

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