Summer 2023 Online Core Course Initiative Cohort

College of Arts & Sciences

BIOL 103: Human Biology with Lab (Core B2)

Leslie BachCourse Developer & Instructor: Leslie Bach, Assistant Professor

A course for non-majors surveying the major systems of the human body and introducing concepts of human health and disease.

ECON 112: Principles of Macroeconomics (Core E)

Sandhya PatlollaCourse Developer & Instructor: Sandhya Patlolla, Assistant Professor

Introduction to aggregate economics, stressing the forces that shape overall economic activity and determine economic growth, employment, interest rates, and inflation.

PHIL 209: Aesthetics (Core D1)

Brian PinesCourse Developer & Instructor: Brian Pines, Adjunct Professor

Traditional and contemporary theories of art and aesthetic experience; a study of selected problems in philosophy of art.

PSYC 260: Psychological Statistics (Core B1)

Alex OchoaCourse Developer & Instructor: Alex Ochoa, Assistant Professor

The rationale and methods of statistical inference through two-way analysis of variance and correlation.

RHET 103: Public Speaking (Core A1)

Leigh MeredithNicole HowellCourse Developers & Instructors: Leigh Meredith, Assistant Professor; Nicole Gonzales Howell, Associate Professor

Students practice skills for oral presentations and explore public speaking as a component of civic life. Foundational to the course are the practices of ethical speech-making, corresponding to the Jesuit value of eloquentia perfecta–speaking and writing for the common good. This course emphasizes the practice and assessment of oral communication for various purposes and in response to rhetorical situations that require public words to advocate, inform, and celebrate.

RHET 120: Written Communication II (Core A2)

Melisa GarciaCourse Developer & Instructor: Melisa Garcia, Assistant Professor

In RHET 120, students continue examining, interrogating, and practicing writing, speaking, and digital communication. Students discover and develop research projects based on their goals and interests, building connections between their lived experience and the wider world of human knowledge. Pursuing the Jesuit value of eloquentia perfecta–speaking and writing for the common good–students work both independently and collaboratively to understand and address diverse perspectives.

THRS/ENVA 404: Environmental Ethics (Core D3)

Sam MickeyCourse Developer & Instructor: Sam Mickey, Adjunct Professor

Provides an overview of ethical responsibilities for the natural world. The course explores the diverse ethical responses to environmental problems including contemporary philosophical and religious beliefs regarding nature.

School of Management

BUS 204: Fundamentals of Business Analytics (Business Core)

JC SanderCourse Developer & Instructor: JohnCharles (JC) Sander, Adjunct Professor

Data analysis and modeling using spreadsheet software to support management decision making, including: simple and multiple regression models; forecasting; business simulation models; decision analysis; and optimization models for resource allocation. 

BUS 308: Systems in Organizations (Business Core)

Eric LacyCourse Developer & Instructor: Eric Lacy, Instructor

A study of production systems in organizations. Integration of human, technical, and information systems as parts of the process of the creation and distribution of goods and services. Supply chain management, process design, project management, quality control, information and work force management.