SDS Student Information

SDS is committed to helping you succeed at The University of San Francisco. We can tell you about University resources that may be available to you, and help you determine if you are eligible for services from our office.

You can initiate the intake and eligibility process through our office. Eligibility for these services is determined on an individual basis for each student. Early planning is essential for many of the resources and accommodations provided so we ask that you contact us at the earliest possible date in order for us to assist with your needs.  For your convenience, we have put together a Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to the questions we hear most often. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Documentation requirements

If you have questions about your documentation please refer to our Documentation Guidelines.


Information provided to our office is considered confidential. It will only be released with the signed consent of the student. On rare occasions when the welfare of the student or another individual is concerned, a staff member may elect to disclose information without consent. Our staff makes every effort to follow federal guidelines designed to protect student privacy.