Documentation Guidelines

Student Disability Services requests that all students submit qualifying documentation from a licensed professional.

This documentation is used to evaluate accommodation requests and to learn more about how the student’s disability impacts their everyday life.  Documentation typically includes a diagnosis, functional limitations and possible accommodation recommendations.

Ideally documentation is current, however we recognize the barrier that may exist in securing current documentation.  SDS recommends that students submit documentation even if they think it is “outdated.”  

Suggestions for What Should be Included in Documentation

  • A clear explanation of the diagnosis (DSM-5, ICD-10) and/or functional impacts, which may include previously utilized accommodations or interventions (and their effectiveness)
  • Scores from the tests administered if relevant (e.g. psychoeducational testing)
  • Recommendations and rationale for reasonable academic and/or clinical accommodations
  • Relevant symptoms across multiple settings, which may include impact on academic, social, residential or vocational functioning
  • History, severity, and approximate duration of disorder
  • Additional recommendations that may assist SDS in determining appropriate accommodations

Students can also use our Verification Form if that is more convenient.