BCC Slate

When emailing a prospect or applicant outside of the Slate system, i.e. emailing through Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. — you can still track the communication within Slate timeline.

Email to Slate Gateway
Go to Database » Under Messages, select Email to Slate Gateway » Window will open with a unique slate email address

BBC Slate 1BBC Slate 2BBC Slate 3

When emailing with a prospect or applicant, simply include the unique slate email address in the BCC line of your email. (Pro-tip: create a new contact with this address, i.e. Slate BCC to avoid copy & paste a long address)

BBC Slate 4

By adding the Slate BCC line, all comms are logged and stored in the Slate timeline. Allowing others to confirm receipt of messages and understand any on-going conversations outside of Slate.