Instructions for Student Fundraising Approval

In order to fundraise on campus, student organizations must provide Student Leadership and Engagement with the following information through this Fundraising Proposal Form at least ONE WEEK prior to the fundraiser event.  Please review the General Provisions for Fundraising and Student Organization Meeting and Events Guidelines before submitting a proposal.

Upon review of the Fundraising Proposal Form, the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement or designee will contact the student group regarding approval or rejection.

For further questions, please contact Student Leadership and Engagement at

Student Submitter Information

Student Organization Information

Fundraising Event Details

Who will benefit from the proceeds of this fundraiser?

Note: Please indicate how funds will be allocated if multiple groups will benefit from the proceeds in the general comments box below

Who will benefit from this fundraiser?

Is food or beverage being sold as part of this fundraiser?
Is food or beverage being sold as part of this fundraiser?

Note: If yes to the above, click the "+" icon and add the items to be sold, price to be charged for items that will be sold, and who will be providing the items.

Food/beverage policy: Generally, the only permitted items you can sell are home baked goods, beverages, and/or ice cream (floats, sundaes, etc.). Please refer to the Student Organization Meetings and Events guidelines linked to above.

Please enter information about the items you will sell, the price you charged and provider of the items in each row, such as:

Item name, 10 dollars, Provider Name;
Other Item name, 20 dollars, Other Provider Name;  


Food Information
more items

What type of payments will you be receiving at the fundraiser?
What type of payments will you be receiving at the fundraiser?

Flexi Fundraising Policy: Students with a flexi meal plan are allowed to donate flexi meal plan money towards the catering cost of an event. To raise flexi donations, you can request a Flexi Donation Form from EM&GS. On the form, EM&GS will put an end date (to not exceed three weeks) for you to raise the funds. The form must be submitted back to EM&GS no later than 5 business days prior to the event, and by the end date on the form. For example, if you have an event in May, you can begin fundraising in September—so long as your forms are turned in within the end date on the form (i.e., 3 weeks from start of fundraising). All flexi donations are non-refundable, must be used by the end of the academic year, and require a minimum $10 donation. The maximum donation is determined by a formula; you can only donate if your flexi balance is equal to or exceeds $100 x the remaining weeks in the academic year. If funds raised do not match established budget, EM&GS will adjust your catering order to match the funds raised. Policy

(Date of event where flexi will be used)
Confirmation Number of Event Where Flexi will be used
Required for on-campus tabling or events