Graphics Center

The Graphics Center provides posting services for members of the University of San Francisco community. This includes, but may not be limited to, students, professors, and departments. The GC can only post material relating to the university. Any material found on the posting boards that has not been approved will be removed immediately.

To submit an order please follow the following procedure:

  1. Fill out an order form. Forms are available at the Graphics Center UC 418. All forms should be complete as soon as possible upon submission, including all dates, times, locations for the event, as well as some concept for design. All images are required at time the order is put in. Example form included at the end of this packet.
  2. Meet with Graphic Center Staff. This meeting is to go over conceptual designs.
  3. Review Proof. The GC requires 8 working days to produce the first proof. If changes are necessary, we allow up to two more edits before the design is considered final.
  4. Finalize Design. Once your design is completed, you will be emailed a PDF of your design, with a CD burned as per request. Your designer will also ask you sign a final proof contract indicating the completion of your project. Once this signed, no changes can be made.
  5. Print. Graphics Center does not provide printing services. Please see PAT about Copy Mill.
  6. Post. Bring printed duplicates back to the Graphics Center for posting

Advertise in the Foghorn

As a registered organization, you have the ability to advertise an event in the Foghorn newspaper free of charge. To do so, you must email the Advertising Manager.

Submit to the Phoenix

When to use The Phoenix:

  • To advertise a large-scale event to all undergraduate students.
  • Do not use to publicize weekly meetings.

How to submit:

  • To submit an event to be shown in the SLE Newsletter, visit the Phoenix webpage for more information.
  • All entries should be submitted one week in advance.
  • The newsletter is sent to all undergraduates every Monday.

Submit to USFTV

As a registered organization, you can produce a video about your organization or in promotion for an event and submit it to USFTV for free advertisements on the USF channel and on the TV monitors around campus. You can also submit stills as advertisement for your event. To advertise an event, email the Technical Director, and for a student production email the submissions director.

In addition, you can start your own reoccurring show by submitting a New Show Proposal. For more information, email USFTV’s Executive Producer.