SLE Newsletter: The Phoenix

The Phoenix is the campus-wide e-newsletter of Student Leadership and Engagement. Each week during the school year, it features campus events and initiatives, as well as what is happening in the city. All undergraduate students receive The Phoenix by email each week.

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Why The Phoenix?

After a campus-wide poll conducted in Spring 2011, Student Leadership and Engagement selected a new name for its campus-wide e-newsletter that promotes student engagement, campus activities, and involvement opportunities: The Phoenix.

The Phoenix is a creature from Greek mythology that has been long associated with the history and growth of the University of San Francisco. It is closely connected with St. Ignatius himself who encouraged followers to "go forth and set the world on fire."

The great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 destroyed St. Ignatius College and Church, but not fatally, until the fire that ensued after the quake. One month after the ruins had cooled, the college bell was raised out a pit of ashes. It had fallen a hundred feet through the raging fire into the basement. Unbroken, it was carted to a new life in the nearby Western Addition. Two months after the earthquake and fire, like the storied phoenix rising from the ashes, St. Ignatius College began to rise again.

Today, the symbol of the Phoenix is emblazoned on the exterior of the newly renovated University Center, overlooking the new Lo Schiavo Center for Science and Innovation, forming a nexus of the past and present of the University of San Francisco. What better symbol of strength and stability than the mighty Phoenix to represent our efforts to ignite engagement within our University community.


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