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College is about information, a time to learn about the world, your interests, and yourself. That’s why we’re working to make every experience worth retelling.

Developed by student life professionals, faculty from USF’s Psychology department, and CampusClarity, Think About It is a comprehensive program designed to minimize the risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault.

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Fall '15 Deadline is September 1.


  • Think About It is a three-part, online training program that empowers incoming students to make healthy choices.
  • Talk About It is designed to promote a healthy campus culture through a collection of complementary workshops, programs, and educational materials.
  • Do Something About It uses bystander intervention research to equip students with the awareness, knowledge, and power to intervene when critical situations arise.

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What Is Consent?

Teaching students about consent is an important piece of any sexual violence prevention program. Consent isn’t just about the law. Properly handling the issue helps students make healthier, safer decisions when it comes to relationships.