Sponsored Programs

USF has 89 sponsored programs in more than 40 different countries worldwide. Please visit our office for program brochures, eligibility requirements, applications, course descriptions, and other program-specific information. You are required to schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor in order to participate in a study abroad program.

program list and how to apply

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How it Works

  • Students continue to pay USF’s tuition to USF and not the host program tuition. Please read the Tuition and Fees section for more information.
  • Full course and credit transfer applies to the student’s USF transcript.
  • USF financial aid, grants, scholarships, including federal and state aid (excluding Federal Work Study) apply. This is the best program to participate in if you are receiving financial aid.
  • Most host programs also include a program fee which covers costs such as housing, meals, activities, and other expenses. This program fee will be paid to USF in addition to tuition.
  • Students are required to keep their domestic health insurance along with overseas insurance provided by their host program.
  • Students on an F-1 visa can only participate in sponsored programs as this will not affect their visa status.

Types of Sponsored Programs

  • Exchange: The most immersive experience, you'll be on the host university campus taking classes with other exchange and local students. Depending on the university there may be a language proficiency required, so be sure to meet with a study abroad advisor to check!
  • Internship: Yes, you can do an internship for credit abroad! The most popular programs through Boston University include placements in Politics, Arts Administration, Finance, Advertising, and more. 
  • Field Studies: For students who want research or in-field experience, SIT and SFS programs are invaluable opportunities. These programs are most popular with those interested in environmental science or studies, international studies, politics, culture, and health.