Welcome Our New Zero Waste Coordinator

Person grinning in front of black background

Greetings to the students, faculty, and staff. Thank you for the welcome to your beautiful campus. I am thrilled to be here at the University of San Francisco as your Zero Waste Coordinator. I am excited to see the fruition of our endeavors as we find creative solutions to a greener campus and beyond. 


I am a Bay Area Peninsula native, passionately committed to material reuse and waste diversion, both on the large scale and on the small scale of our day-to-day lives. I hope to cultivate the necessary tools and strategies to maintain a green campus, with my decade of experience in event-based zero waste management as well as my experience as an artist, fabricator, and curator in the San Francisco Bay Area, the place I am privileged to call home. 


We can exert our power and influence on the world around us in positive ways through simple action. One of the many ways we can do this is analyzing how we regulate and relate to what materials we consume. This can look like an understanding of the materials that we buy, what these materials can be used for and for how long, and lastly where those materials end up when we no longer need them.  Our landscape here in San Francisco is blessed with an abundance of resources. We have the resources to extend the life of materials and goods for reuse by way of donations, thrift, and refurbished sale as well as resources to properly allocate material to be salvaged and scrapped in a way that does not generate landfill through composting and recycling. All of these methods help alleviate our carbon footprint and fortify a better life for, not only the residents here in San Francisco, but the greater global community. The way that we act in these seemingly small instances have a huge impact on the people around us and the environment as a whole. I am delighted to collaborate with all of you to maximize our diversion goals in the myriad of solutions to ensure zero waste. Please reach out to me with your questions, concerns, inquiries, or suggestions in the context of reaching our waste reduction and diversion, and I will be happy to abide. 

Shereen Sheikhhassan

Zero Waste Coordinator