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USF is home to the rare and endangered Franciscan manzanita, previously thought to be extinct until rediscovered in San Francisco in 2009. A cutting of the plant was brought to USF, and the endemic species is now flourishing in the USF Native Plant Preserve.

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Green Happens Here

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Researchers taking samples of the snow

Marilyn DeLaure

Dr. Marilyn DeLaure, USF Associate Professor, has an interactive style of teaching, as highlighted in USF’s sustainability video Green Happens Here. Her research investigates how people effect social change, especially through embodied performance; she has published essays on dance, civil rights rhetoric, and environmental activism. She is co-editor of Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance, forthcoming with NYU Press.  Among the courses she teaches at USF are "Environmental Communication" and "Rhetoric of Social Movements.”

Steve Zavestoski

Dr. Steve Zavestoski, Professor of Environmental Studies, is passionate about the connection between sustainability and public health. His work focuses on urban and transportation planning. As an avid bike advocate, Steve commutes to work on his bike—He has never had a USF parking permit in 15 years! You can catch him defining sustainability at the beginning of USF’s sustainability video Green Happens Here. He teaches a variety of classes, including Environment and Society and the Capstone Practicum in Environmental Studies.

Green Changemakers

From alumni taking leadership positions in the sustainability field to faculty conducting cutting-edge research, USF Green Changemakers have a story to tell.

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