Sexual Violence Education & Prevention Committee (REPS Committee)

REPS Committee Chaired by Trina Garry Deputy Title IX Coordinator

About Us:

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (REPS Committee), formerly known as the Title IX Taskforce, engages key stakeholders from all over USF campus to support ending sexual violence on campus. The committee works to plan and implement educational programs and events, build curriculum for workshops, and strategize ways to implement recommendations on continuing to create a community united in the message that USF is a place that does not tolerate sexual violence.  

The REPS Committee is chaired by Trina Garry (she/her), Deputy Title IX Coordinator, and meets the second Thursday of the month, 11:45am - 12:45pm PST, for the academic year. At this time, the REPS Committee meetings are conducted on Zoom. 

REPS Committee is made up of 20 members, 10 student representatives, and 10 faculty, staff, and admin. Click our members tab to learn a bit more about our current group!