Tutoring Program

The University Ministry Tutoring Program at the University of San Francisco grants USF students the opportunity to provide tutoring and academic support to students at ICA, St. Anthony, St. Peter, and St. James parochial schools in San Francisco’s Mission District. The program provides mutual benefits to both the University and parochial school students. USF tutors gain skills in academic development, leadership, and mentorship. The parochial students get tutoring and other essential support that enhances their academic achievement.

During the Spring semester University Ministry brings students from ICA, St. James, St. Peter and St. Anthony to the USF campus for a field trip. As is in line with the mission of this program, we believe it’s important for students to become familiar and comfortable with being on a college campus, to begin envisioning themselves here, and to start planning the path they will take to successfully complete college – preferably here at USF. 

The University Ministry Tutors receive an hourly wage compensation for their time. In addition, the tutoring retention program continues to offer a discount to attend a University Ministry retreat or immersion trip to a USF tutor who returns for a consecutive semester (up to $500) or to a USF tutor who has completed two years of tutoring (up to $1,000).

The goals for the tutoring program is to promote and support active and independent learning; develop a positive approach to learning; aid in developing a higher student competence and confidence in a particular subject; create an encouraging environment where learning takes place at the student’s pace; provide mentorship and guidance; and foster holistic development through academics. 

We also offer formational opportunities for our tutors to grow holistically. The scholarship programs allow our tutors to engage in the many opportunities that University Ministry offers such as the Arrupe Immersion program, Retreats, and the ISN Family Teach-In.

For more information, please email Luis Bazán.

Tutor Coordinator

Akash Shaji

Hello, I'm Akash, a second-year graduate student enrolled in the MS IDEC program. My journey began in a small rural town in southern India, where I developed a deep appreciation for the transformative power of education. As an aspiring economist, I recognize that education is not just a means of personal growth but also a tool for empowerment and social upliftment. Here at the University Ministry of USF, we share this belief in the profound impact of education and have been running the UM Tutoring program for years now. Our mission is to expand access to quality education and cultivate a socially responsible community of USF students. We are dedicated to equipping our peers with leadership and mentorship skills while fostering their academic development. With this vision close to my heart, I am excited to actively participate and contribute to the noble cause of building a more equitable and socially responsible society. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.