REMINDER: Yearly Assessment Reports for ALL Majors, Minors, Graduate, and Non-Degree Programs are due on October 27th, 2017


CAS Assessment Timeline 2015-2019

Includes yearly themes and target deadlines through Spring 2019.

2017 Yearly Assessment Report Submission

Yearly Assessment Reports are due on 10/27/17, and have two options for submission:

Please >>>click here<<< to access the online Yearly Assessment Report submission. You may elect to submit in either of the following ways:

  1. Filling out the online Yearly Assessment Report form, using the link above. This method is highly encouraged. You may type directly into the form, or copy-and-paste into it. TO PREVIEW SCREENSHOTS OF THE ONLINE YEARLY ASSESSMENT REPORT FORM, PLEASE PDF iconCLICK HERE
  2. Uploading a PDF or Word version of your Yearly Assessment Report. After completing the "Identifying Information" portion of the link above (i.e. your name, the name of your department/program), you will see a link to upload your file(s).

Questions? Trouble submitting or uploading files? Please contact or call 415-422-4285.

Exemplary Yearly Assessment Reports

ProgramArea(s) of Strength
ARTSPerforming Arts and Social JusticeMethods: assessment designed with multiple faculty in mind
HUMANITIESSpanish StudiesClosing the Loop
Theology and Religious StudiesClosing the Loop

BS Biology

Mission Statement, Program Learning Outcomes, Methods, Results, Closing the Loop

Environmental Science

Mission Statement, Program Learning Outcomes, Methods, Results, Closing the Loop



Sport Management

Program Learning Outcomes

Faculty Directors of Curriculum Development

For guidance in carrying out assessment requirements, and answers to specific questions that may arise, please contact the Faculty Director of Curriculum Development (FDCD) in your specific area. If you are unsure what area your program falls under, and/or what FDCD you should contact for help, please refer to this FDCD Organization Chart.

  • Arts
    Alexandra Amati-Camperi, Performing Arts
  • Humanities
    Mark Meritt, Rhetoric and Language
  • Sciences
    John Lendvay, Environmental Sciences
  • Social Sciences
    Michael Jonas, Economics
  • Assessment Workshops

    Missed an assessment workshop? Materials for all past workshops are collected here. Click on the title and date of any workshop below to view powerpoints, handouts, and videos (if available) from that session.

    Writing Effective Program
    Learning Outcomes
    Developing & Implementing
    Good Academic Rubrics
    October 5th/6th, 2016April 6th/7th/10th, 2017

    Workshop Powerpoint
    - Handout: Active Verbs
      for Student Learning
      Outcome Articulation

    Handout: Learning
      Outcome Domains

    Workshop Powerpoint
    - Worksheet: Rubric Development

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